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Absolutearts Current update art news

About's Art Lingo-check out the alphabetized list for any art related words and definitions.

About's Art history

Links for Art Homework designed for High school homework help this provides a useful rating for art sites.

Art-on-net theme art links
Art in Context
Art search

Stolen Property a dramatized art history game for older kids (lessons and links)

EdneKids Framing Kids-photography unit

The Amarillo Museum-lesson plans for grade 6 and up (See grade 6 Japanese social studies/art plans)

Fine Art Search Engine

Arts, writing and photography

P.B.S art site

I'll make me a world

The Art Studio

My art studio A great site to find information and images about famous works of art. Monet and women artists have a focus. See the useful "Greatest works" for well known artworks.
Imagination Workshop
The Amazing Picture Machine
Web Quest-Includes art units on line
Facinating Folds resources for Oragami and other paper arts

Resource list for integrating the arts in education

Virtual Curriculum Elementary Art education

Home school art lessons-techniques and perspective

Art studio chalkboard


Art History A preliminary handbook by Dr. R.J. Belton Okanogan University college Dept. of fine arts.
Three Rs for the Nineties: Children + Parent + Art An article that discusses the importance of theater, music, dance, writing, and visual art in a child's life.

Culture shock a PBS site for teachers entitled "Are the arts dangerous?"
Please preview site as it has material that can be considered offensive.

Fresco-art lessons on this PBS series about an American Fresco

Teacher Art Lesson Plans

Eyes on Art

Art Teacher on the Net
curriculum thoughts-great suggestions for viewing artwork.

Refrigerator to Renoir: Ten great art lessons on the net.

Education World art lesson lists

Art on Air excellent lesson plans in the teacher's section
Art Pavilion Art resources and art projects are here for teachers to do with children.
There are links to art education organizations.

Curriculum art lessons

National Gallery of Art (U.S.A.) Teachers Art Lesson Plans

Teacher's sketchbook lessons high school sketch book lessons with suggested grades and student examples

The Incredible art department

The @rt room

Art lessons lessons list -easy to use art lessons for elementary children

If you are an art teacher and have one place to go on the Web, try this Web site. Teacher Ken Rohrer has created pages on pet peeves of art teachers, lessons, awards, great sites, and art news among others. Check it out
Art takes time-great ideas for art lessons!
Access Indiana Teacher's guide to Fine Arts
Teachers Helping Teachers There are various art lessons for teachers. They include visual art, performing art and musical art lessons.
The Getty educational art net - Great art source with great lessons

Unique arts from Singapore-lots of teacher lesson plan outlines.
A children's art gallery is displayed on this web page.

Commercial Sites with lessons and ideas

Crayola lesson plans loads of curriculum connected lesson plans using Crayola materials.

Utrechtart See the art educators section for art lessons for grade nine and up.

United Art & Education See the project section for printable project ideas.

Sax Arts & Crafts See lessons plans and project ideas.

Cheap Joe's Art stuff
Clearvue There are free worksheets about art available here. It does require Adobe
Acrobat Reader to download the worksheets.

Prang pencilsinteresting trivia

Art perspective gallery and magazine

Everyday artists gallery

Stanford Art Site-great links for lessons

Cray-pas oil pastels some artist and kid hints for drawing and colouring

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