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Artists of Nova Scotia

Mark A. Brennan-visual artist of oil and water colours

Alan Bateman-(Woodside studio)

Paul Price

Deanne Fitzpatrick Nova Scotia Fabric artist

Van Meer-(Halifax) painter

His Water colours, oils and Gouache

Brenda Hoddinott-(Dartmouth, N.S.) Oil on canvas painter

Alex Colville (1920- )

Lindee Climo-animals in the old master's style

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Ocean By Leanna

Landscapes of Nova Scotia

Landscapes of Nova Scotia

Lighthouses of Nova Scotia

Dave MacIntosh-(Pictou, N.S.) Oil on canvas painter

Portrailts, landscapes in classical style

Paul Price

Ken Tolmie(Halifax N.S.)

Painter with water colours, oil and pencil-urban and village landscapes

Sylvie Beaudoin (Hailfax)

-oils and acrylic landscapes

Deanne Fitzpatrick Nova Scotia Fabric artist

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Sculpture of Nova Scotia

Coming soon

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Photography of Nova Scotia

coming soon

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Museums and Galleries of Nova Scotia

Acadie Masque

Centre LeMoine, St. Joseph du Moine, B0E 1L0 (on the Cabot Trail)

(902) 224-1016 Fax: (902) 224-4119,e-mail:

Alliance of Kings Artists

Box 394, Kentville, B4N 1K0 (902) 678-0192 Fax: (902) 678-5898


Promote Kings County art.

Apple Bin Art Gallery

Valley Regional Hospital, Kentville, Nova Scotia.


396 St. George Street, Annapolis Royal, B0S 1A0 (902) 532-7069 Fax: (902) 532-7357,


Argyle Fine Arts e-mail:>

Nova Scotia Museum

Dalhousie Art Gallery

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

In•Sight Gallery, Artist-Run Centre

73 Main Street, Sydney Mines, B1V 2L1

(902) 736-0434

Lunenburg Art Gallery

19 Pelham Street, P.O. Box 1418, Lunenburg, B0J 2C0

(902) 634-3305

Nova Scotia Maritime Museum

Vans visual artists Nova Scotia

Visual Arts of Nova Scotia

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Educational Sites of Nova Scotia

Gaelic College of Celtic arts and crafts

Visual Arts Nova Scotia

Bank of Commerce Building, Suite 901, 1809 Barrington Street, Halifax, B3J3K8 (902) 423-4694 Fax: (902) 422-0881 e-mail:

Scotsville School of Crafts

Scotsville, B0E 3E0 (902) 258-3838 or (902) 258-2278

Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design

(C.B. School of Crafts) 225 George Street, P.O. Box 1686, Sydney, B1P 6T7

(902) 539-7491 Fax: (902) 539-4807, e-mail:

Mi'kmaq Portraits Collection-Nova Scotia

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Unusual art forms of Nova Scotia

Deanne Fitzpatrick Nova Scotia Fabric artist

Holly Carr-(Woodside Studio) -Beautiful silk banners

Gordon Gillespie (Dartmouth N.S. collage)

Arts and Crafts of Nova Scotia

Atlantic Bag Manufacturers

3486 Prescott Street, Halifax, B3K 4Y4 (902) 455-6491

Toll-free:1-800-455-6491 Fax: (902) 453-0275,e-mail:

Bluenose Decorative Artists of Nova Scotia ( toile painters)

21 Highwood Street, Dartmouth, B2Y 3P9 (902) 463-8459

Folk Art Movie references

The illuminated life of Maud Lewis-folk artist

National Film Board of canada-50 minutes

Folk Art Found Me-a funny movie about folk artists-National Film Board-30 minutes

Dartmouth Handcrafters Guild

73 Tartan Avenue, Halifax, B3R 2B7 (902) 477-3920

Mayflower Quilters Guild

Dartmouth North Community Centre, 134 Pinecrest Drive, Dartmouth P.O. Box 3664, Halifax South, B3J 3K6

Lake City Woodworkers

386 Windmill Road, Dartmouth (902) 465-5000

Nova Scotia Basketry Guild 121 Crichton Avenue, Dartmouth, B3A 3R6 (902) 469-2798

Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council Bank of Commerce Building, 1809 Barrington Street, Suite 901, Halifax, B3J 3K8 (902) 423-3837 e-mail:

N.S. Wildlife Carvers And Artists c/o 20 Eaglewood Drive, Bedford, B4A 2Z8

Pier 21 Artists 1099 Marginal Road, Halifax

Contact: Nicholas Marsh (902) 479-1136

Rug Hooking Guild of Nova Scotia Maders Cove, RR #1 Mahone Bay, B0J 2E0

(902) 624-6323 e-mail:

The Atlantic Spinners and Handweavers

1747 Summer Street, Halifax, B3H 3A6 (902) 852-5116

The Quilling Guild

5959 Spring Garden Road, Suite 1207, Halifax, B3H 1Y5

(902) 422-2036 Fax: (902) 423-3558,e-mail:

Yarmouth Craft Guild

Box 1040, RR #1 Yarmouth, B5A 4A5 (902) 742-8895

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Art events of Nova Scotia

Mi-careme (mid-Lent) is a centuries-old festivity where people would take a break from the rigours of Lent, they would disguise themselves and go from house to house for a little fun and games. The tradition is still alive in the Acadian communities of Chéticamp and St. Joseph du Moine.

Dartmouth Handcrafters Guild

Annual craft festival held at Dartmouth Sportsplex during last weekend of October.

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