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Sports Performance

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Sports Performance Flowchart/Pre-requisites

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HRH Scope and Sequence Mapping
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HRH overview brochure

Consider a REC, HCS, HSS or CCS Project course or courses to personalize this CTS pathway to address specific areas of interest not addressed by course outcomes: pathways can be customized with additional courses added or existing courses, as listed below, removed. Credentials include Resistance Training Leader and Sports Nutrition. Courses that can be taken include:

Introductory Courses

HSS1010 Health Services Foundations
HSS1020 Nutrition & Wellness
REC1040 Foundations for Training 1
HCS1080 Cardiovascular System
HCS1050 Musculoskeletal System
CCS1020 Back Care Basics

Intermediate Courses

REC2010 Nutrition for Recreation Activities & Sport
REC2040 Foundations for Training 2
REC2910 REC Project B
REC2920 REC Project C

Advanced Courses

REC3010 Human Movement
REC3040 Training & Conditioning
REC3070 Fitness Instruction Leadership Principles
REC3080 Resistance Training Leadership
REC3910 REC Project D