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CTF documents and resources created by the Calgary Board of Education for your use.

CTF Guide to Implementation (pdf) This document is intended to support school leaders in planning and implementing a successful CTF program within their specific school context. (Note some of the links inside this document are internal and will not be accessible to non-CBE staff.)

Career & Technology Foundations (CTF) brochure (pdf) this brochure provides a brief overview of Career & Technology Foundations (CTF) that may be helpful to administrators, teachers, parents and community members.

CTF Occupational Areas Booklet (pdf) This booklet provides an overview of each of the 28 occupational areas in their respective clusters.

Documents for administrators: Key Information for Principals (.zip) this set of documents is essential for administrators. As the instructional leader, these documents will help you guide your staff throughout your school’s CTF implementation.

Career & Technology Foundations Expanded Readings (pdf) this document supports teachers in understanding the context as well as the connections between the Report Card Outcomes and the Program of Studies.

CTF Documents and Resources created by Alberta Education for your use.

Alberta Education Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) | this is Alberta Education’s website related to Career and Technology Foundations. It includes important information for teachers, administrators, parents and students.

draft CTF Program of Study (pdf)

draft CTF Overview (pdf)

Fondements en carrières et technologies ÉBAUCHE d’un curriculum nivelé (pdf)

Programme d'ètudes provisoire des Fondements en carrières et technologies (pdf)

Southern Alberta CTS Resource Centre | The CTS Resource Review Centre houses a collection of Alberta Education approved print and digital resources for CTF and CTS.

Focus on Inquiry | this document takes an in-depth look at the history, curricular connections, design and assessment processes in inquiry-based projects

CTF Occupational Areas and Possible Occupations (pdf) this document outlines the 28 occupational areas and associated occupations for each area.

CTF Occupational Area Skills, Knowledge, and Technologies Lists (pdf) these lists identify some, but not all skills, knowledge and technologies associated with occupational areas. They may be used as a starting point for identifying the skills, knowledge and technologies to be considered when planning CTF challenges or tasks.

CTF Safety and Environmental Considerations for Occupational Areas (pdf) this document explores safety and environmental considerations associated with occupational areas.

external documents and resources that may help you on your CTF journey.

The Buck Institute – Project-Based Learning
  • Project Based Learning Videos
  • Project Planners
  • Student Handouts
  • Rubrics
  • Supporting Articles
Project-Based Assessment
  • Rubric Generator
  • Lesson Plans
  • Printables
Inquiry-based Learning
  • This website acts as an introduction to inquiry-based learning
  • Offers resources including videos demonstrating examples of lessons in progress
Galileo Network
  • Galileo supports teachers to design inquiry-based projects in which students use the digital technologies of their time in creative and thoughtful ways.
Assessing Project-based Learning
  • Assessment Strategies
  • Assessment in various learning settings

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