Assessment rationale

CTF History

  • the purpose of CTF is to develop and strengthen competencies
  • assessment as learning emphasizes using assessment as a process of developing and supporting metacognition for student
  • assessment as learning focuses on the role of the student as the critical connector between assessment and learning

Assessment Principles

The assessment:

  1. is formative assessment focused
  2. is competency-based where competency is a process, not a skill
  3. can be based on the work of the group & the individual
  4. can be different for each student based on the needs of each student
  5. must include student voice

Levels of Assessment

From the CTF Program of Studies, Alberta Education indicates there are five levels of assessment as follows:

level 1: Identify gather information and understand the requirements for a task
level 2: Connect link to related contexts and concepts
level 3: Apply demonstrate or perform a task
level 4: Reflect analyze a performance, considering the impact on self and others
level 5: Transfer extend the benefits of the competency to other

A student's level of assessment will be influenced by the complexity and the context of the project so they are suitable to the learner's. *Levels as indicated in the CTF Program of Studies

Assessment in The Project Centre

The Project Centre allows teachers to create multiple assessment profiles to meet student needs by aligning any project in the Centre to CTF Outcomes.

CTF Project Centre document

CBE Jurisdictional Access to CTF Project Centre
(pdf - CBE username and password required)

A sample CTF Assessment profile from a project that was customized for use in a distributed learning environment.

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