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Peer Mentorship

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Teacher Resource:
Peer Mentorship Flowchart/Pre-requisites

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HRH Scope and Sequence Mapping
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HRH overview brochure

Consider an HSS Project course or courses to personalize this CTS pathway to address specific areas of interest not addressed by course outcomes: pathways can be customized with additional courses added or existing courses, as listed below, removed. Credentials include Foundations in Mentoring Child and First Aid/CPR with AED. Courses that can be taken include:

Introductory Courses

HSS1040 Developing Maturity and Independence
HSS1050 Introduction to Mentorship
HSS1080 Leadership Fundamentals

Intermediate Courses

HSS2030 Perspectives on Interpersonal Relationships
HSS2050 Becoming a Mentor
HCS2020 First Aid/CPR with AED

Advanced Courses

HSS3050 Becoming a Mentee
HSS3060 Extending the Mentorship Relationship
HSS3070 Peer Mentoring