Just Ducky 2001
Taking care to take care of others.
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Explanation of the Project

For the past three years teachers and children have developed the Just Ducky internet site while raising ducks in the classroom-inspiring a wide variety of learning experiences.  The students have used the website as a forum for their learning while creating a special culture for learning and caring.   Their passionate relationship with the learning material has invited natural exploration and unique understandings of how we can use communication tools to enhance relationships.  If you ask the children what they have learned, they will tell you that they learned about ducks, and the computer and about email.  They probably won't tell you they also learned about life cycles, variables, ratio reflective writing, responsibilities and numerous ICT Outcomes.

This year we bring bring together 17 classrooms in Calgary, and an ECS class from Washington D.C. We have already received mail from a family  who need advice on raising eggs that have been abandoned by Mallards.  We welcome the development of a French site, and welcome our neighbours in the Calgary Separate School Division as we work together to build Ducky 2001.  We hope you enjoy watching the children's discoveries unfold using this website as a forum for their learning.

Parameters for Participation

Again this year we are looking for classes to join the Just Ducky Project. We will get our 28 day eggs on May 14th, and the ducks will arrive mid June. During that time teachers will connect to and develop the site with their children. At the end of the study we will bring together all the children and the ducks for party, before we send the ducks back to the farm. Teachers in the study will use email as well as commit to building a web page for the ducky study with their students. Teachers will be asked to engage in reflective practice and will contribute a short written piece to the web site about their new learning. We welcome participation from other schools that may be raising animals in the classroom and hope that they will email classes from the site or develop their own webpages to link to this site.  We encourage people around the globe to read and respond to the work our students have done via the websites that the children create.


February 1- June 30th.

Expected Outcomes

Students will gain understanding of how to use technology to communicate their learning through the development of the email, telecommunications and the development of a website.   They will gain a sensitivity for the care of animals and our responsibility to protect and care for them.

To learn more about the project email   F. Gegunde or N. Brown.

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Author:  N. Brown
Date of late revision: May 7, 2001