Here are a few really cool sites to help you find out more about zoos around the world and what zoos are all about. Check back here often to see more sites that our students have found just for you!  Enjoy!




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Click here to download a trial version of zoo Tycoon.  Build your own zoo, hire staff, adopt animals, and design your own enclosures!  It's awesome!  We can't get enough of it at school!


Click here to go to the San Diego zoo to see a live image of their amazing polar bears!  It's great!



Click here to see the amazing panda bears at the San Diego Zoo.  There are two live camera views!  It's amazing!

This Virtual tour takes you through the African jungle!  Pack your bags and get ready to learn a thing or two!

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Click here to go to the Oregon zoo's live zoo cameras.  You can watch Birds, Bats, monkeys, and a Savanna exhibit.  It's wonderful!

Visit the Johannesburg zoo!  See some of the amazing animals of South Africa.  Check out live cameras and amazing videos!

This site lists over 30 different zoo cam sites all over the world!  It's very cool!

The Phoenix zoo has an amazing animal facts page.  Click on any animal to find out more about them!  A great site!


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