What an incredible first day!  Click on the links below to find out more about our adventure!  






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"Warthogs.  There are two horns.  It is sleeping in the back room.  It has short hairs.  There are trees, rocks, and mud.  There are some guinea fowls.  It's almost like a pig.  The height is 65 cm to 85 cm."  By Lucas


"I am observing the hippopotamus.  Right now they arte laying in the water taking a bath.  It looks like he is enjoying it.  He has dark back and brown skin.  They have a big cage.  They have a very big pool.  A tree hangs upside down and a big piece of a tree and tiny little birds are hopping around.  Hippopotamus have tiny little ears.  I think it would be burrowing just to lay all day in the water.  Hippopotamus have a large nose.  The hippopotamus spread water out of his nose.  Then they both went to the tree that was hanging upside down and started to eat.  When he was chewing I saw his big teeth.  their ears have lots of hair in it.  It looks like the hippopotamus is sleeping.  Their skin is very wrinkly and has lines.  The hippopotamus is now snorting.  They wiggle their ears a lot.  His eyes are very large." By Elizabeth


"Their enclosure is about forty five feet long and about half that in width.  There are four medium sized trees placed around the enclosure and a dead Christmas tree is hanging from a limb in the middle of the cage.  There are lots of guinea fowl walking around the warthogs habitat.  One of them hopped over the fence and is walking up and down.  There are two wart hogs."  By Emma


" In the giraffe's enclosure there are little birds in there.  The giraffes have purple tongues and sometimes lick the branches.  A giraffe ducked under a branch.  One giraffe ate something before it went outside."  By Alcina










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wpe2A.jpg (28444 bytes)   wpe2D.jpg (25954 bytes)   






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wpe36.jpg (20527 bytes)   wpe38.jpg (16827 bytes)    wpe3A.jpg (17280 bytes)





Our first day at Zoo School was super!  We began on a wonderfully plush bus, only to discover that it wouldn’t go, and we had to wait for another. Mrs. Archer met us at the gate and walked us through the dinosaur park down to the Tom Baines classroom.   Our first activity was to take a tour of the zoo and find vanishing species and animals that were part of the species survival program.  We filled the whole sheet, and were surprised to learn that all primates at the zoo are among those animals that are disappearing and need to be protected.  After lunch, we spent nearly an hour observing specific animals, and writing in our journals.  The highlight of the day was when one of the giraffes sat down.  The warthogs were resting nearly the whole time, so we are looking forward to some activity from them tomorrow.  The gorillas were having a spat, and one threw some hay at the others.  Students and parents agreed that it was very interesting to spend time observing and recording, and many exciting and unusual things were noticed. We were having such a good time, that before we knew it, it was time to leave.  We got to ride home on the luxury bus!










"Pygmy Marmosets are brownish, blackish.  Pygmy Marmosets have small ears, small eyes, bigish tails.  The female was grooming the male.  The Pygmy's food is like larfay.(?)  They like to climb on the walls but I think they like to climb on the trees too.  But I think they like to climb on the walls better.  They also like to play hide and seek.  It is funny.  The female is Lima and the male is Poco.  Poco is a little bigger and Lima is smaller.  Poco was rubbing his face against a box in the enclosure.  In the cage there is a mice catcher.  They scratch really fast.  It's like you can't even see the arm!"  By Selynne


"The De Brazza monkey... They search in the dirt like they're looking for food.  They eat fugs, seeds, flowers and lizards and bugs when available.  They seem to pick bugs out of their fur.  They are interested in our snacks.  They look like old men with tails.  They have grey backs and white underbellies.  They have black eyes and long thin fingers and toes.  They have golden crests and long white beards.  Seamus is more colourful than Sarah.  Seamus is the male and Sarah is the female."  By Eric


"The marmosets are yellowish brown and are about two hands long from head to tail.  They have small, short fur.  They can jump very far.  the female was grooming the male that was resting on the branch.  After that the male was chasing a fly all around the feeding bin.  I think he might of caught it with his paw.  The marmosets are very fast and very agile.  Later they looked like they were playing hid and go seek with each other.  The bigger one was a male.  The male is named Poco.  The female is named Lima.  Poco was rubbing his face against the grayish white box like he was itching it.  The he started sniffing a hole in the box because there were mice in it.  I think he wanted one.  After that Lima was getting groomed for bugs by Poco."  By Ella

"DeBrazza Monkeys... Their names are Seamus and Sarah.  Their enclosure has a food bucket, some pretend trees and branches, logs, rope, black nets, and fire hoses.  The DeBrazza monkey lives in small groups.  The females give birth to a single offspring.  Daughters stay with their mothers for life while the male offspring leave the family as they become sexually mature.  Family numbers are from four to thirty-five individuals.  DeBrazza Monkeys look like little old men and have lots of energy."  By David


"Seamus and Sarah were talking and sniffing each other when they saw our food we were eating.  Then Sarah took a brown piece of food and chewed it in her mouth then she kind of spat it in her hand and spit the shell and ate the inside.  Their enclosure has lots of branches and ropes kind of like a jungle.  Then Sarah jumped on the glass so quick that I barely saw her climb up on the branch on the very top of my head.  There are balls that are attached to the tree branches.  Seamus is a lot more curious than Sarah.  But they like to play a lot.  The monkeys only both came up to the window when we have food.  They really look cute." By Maya


"there are two Fennec foxes.  One ran up a tree and went up into a little area between two trees.  It slid down and was licking itself.  The other one was prowling around the area and pressed its nose to the glass.  Then the one who was laying down climbed out of the place and then they started playing.  Then one stopped playing and went into the log and came out and the other one went on a rock and fell asleep.  We just found out that their was two of them.  Then one came and pr4essed its nose against the glass and the other one went into the place between the trees and fell asleep.  Well, the other one walked around it seems that its leg's hurt because it was walking like he wasn't sure of himself.  Then the hurt one came out and went up into the place between the trees and was licking the one in the nest." By Sam







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Waldo the Salamander is having his breakfast.. a baby mouse!

wpe8.jpg (14897 bytes)   wpe24.jpg (6340 bytes)   

Creating a model of a gorilla enclosure!


wpe27.jpg (33442 bytes)   

The real thing!


wpe2A.jpg (37426 bytes)   wpe2D.jpg (52799 bytes)   wpe30.jpg (38421 bytes)   

Amazing animals of the Large Mammal building... they can hardly wait for spring!


wpe32.jpg (24296 bytes)

A break at the gigantic "spider web!"


wpe34.jpg (22030 bytes)   wpe36.jpg (19317 bytes)   wpe38.jpg (16328 bytes)   wpe3A.jpg (13734 bytes)

Reflecting in our journals... what an amazing day!


wpe3C.jpg (17778 bytes)  wpe3E.jpg (12292 bytes)

A visit from the Red-kneed Tarantula... very cool!













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We got a great early start today and went right to the classroom.  We watched Judy feed a tiny baby mouse (a “pinky”) to Waldo , the tiger salamander.  (He ate it in one great gulp!)  Next we used a felt board to create an interesting enclosure for gorillas, and learned all about the gorillas at Calgary Zoo. (They’re not like King Kong!)  We went to the primate building to see the troop (lots of energy there!), and then continued on to observe the animals we watched yesterday.  Good news- the warthogs were more active today.  Bad news- the hippos just lay almost out of sight in their enclosure, until the keeper came and roused them by tempting them with food.  After lunch, we had some fun playing on the playground and playing tag in the big field next to it.  We saw a fascinating video on the birth of Zwalani, a baby gorilla.  Her mother, Tabitha, knew just what to do.  We had a surprise guest this afternoon- a Mexican red kneed tarantula!  Judy held her so we could all get a close up look.  We spent some time writing in our journals, reflecting upon the day’s activities.  It was a very busy day, and again, time seemed to fly.  Tomorrow we are going to see the Canadian Wilds.







"We went in the Canadian wilds side of the zoo.  We saw deer, owls, hawks, porcupine, caribou, bison, otters, mountain goats, and other animals.  I like that it is hard to stay warm or if you are bald or don't have fur but most of the animals have very thick fur.  Like the  mountain goat or the river otter is very warm because of its fur.  Fennec fox day three... Today the scamp fox does not have a scamp in front of his/her problems.  We have named the sick fox Kenya.  We have found out that Kenya had a Brain tumor and is putting pressure on his or her leg."  By Drew


"today we went into the  Canadian wilds.  We saw a lot of animals like some elk, caribou, lynx, (which is what I wanted to study.)  Bison, river otters, and more.  But I am going to talk about the otters.  There are two otters.  A female named Nahanie, and the male's name is Calaber.  But I call them Hershey boy and..."  By Desiree


"Today I'm watching the four year old gorilla Zuri.  Zuri is right up to the glass and looking at everyone that comes to see Zuri.  Zuri is very lonely and sad.  The zoo keepers have a little pipe and the put peanut butter or stuff like that.  I saw a Orangutan drinking.  Zuri is looking at Thomas.  Zuri is walking right now.  The baby gorilla is climbing a fire has in the enclosure."  

By Meghan


"We saw a caribou fertilizing the field.  I felt kind of grossed out but I guess its natural.  We got to take a look at some of the antlers and got to find out their uses.  I felt kind of sad that those creatures are dieing out.  It's interesting that the white-tailed deer's horns can grow 10 cm in a day, seeing as we grow little bits at a time.  The animals keep warm with their fur.  I can't believe that the swans can sit in the water all day and they don't have fur.  When I saw the Lynx it made me feel mad that people kill them.  I had a good morning.  The Fennec Fox... Today the sickly one finally found the food.  I feel really glad.  I wonder if the rumors that he is blind is true.  We named the one with he brain tumor Kenya.  The one with the cut is doing better today.  He is also more confident and sure of himself.  It makes me feel better that he's doing better.  I think the two that cuddle together are one male and one female.  I wonder if they are going to mate or if they have already.  They can jump a fairly good distance.  Kenya seems frightened that the other two are up.  It makes me sad that Kenya has to be alone.  I wonder if the keeper likes their food.  The two seem to interact with each other more than with Kenya.  One got lost at the top of the rock."  By Tyler


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Touring the Canadian Wilds...

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wpe28.jpg (9195 bytes)  

 wpe2A.jpg (23904 bytes)   wpe2D.jpg (26606 bytes)


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Due to heavy traffic, we arrived a little late this morning.  We took an interesting and informative stroll through the Canadian Wilds.  It was very cold, but we stopped to see lots of animals who were well-equipped to stand the cold. ( Hardy Canadians!)  We saw birds of prey, mountain goats, big horn sheep, white tailed deer, elk, and a porcupine.  At the northern forest building, we had a snack and hot chocolate (much needed!) while we observed the otters, ducks and fish, and Judy shared some biofacts.  We returned to the classroom, had lunch and some time on the playground, then headed out to observe the animals we have been studying.  The spider monkey baby (three months old) was a big hit today.  One group watched a gibbon use his hand to scoop up water and drink it.  The hippos were having a snorting good time today. We have noticed that each day we observe, something different happens.  It’s hard to believe that Zoo School is already half over!






"The otter's enclosure is basically made up of rocks, water, and old tree stumps.  Also there is a lot of algae on the bottom.  There is a boy and a girl.  I call the boy Hershey (chocolate) and the girl Laura (Laura "C" Cord).  They have short legs and feet.  Also they have some sort of water proof coating on their fur because they came out of the wat4er looking perfectly dry.  There is a tank with three fish in it.  I think they are salmon.  there is a boy and two girls."  By Alison


"This morning we saw behind the scenes of the tigers, hippos and giraffes.  We went into tiger alley, and Larry fed them chicken heads through the mesh.  I was scared that they would rip of Larry's fingers.  At the large mammals we fed the giraffes buns.  They had long l=slimy purple tongues that curled around the food.  We saw the hippo open his saliva smeared jaws.  We had a close up look at Hibou, a short-eared owl.  I put m hand into a magic owl pellet, and felt a slimy fish.  I think tigers, giraffes, hippos and owls are all super cool.  I learned giraffes have four stomachs!  I wonder what the biggest owl in the world was?" By Eric


"Today we went behind the scenes of tigers, hippos and giraffes, and owls.  We got to see the tigers being fed.  It was neat because they jumped up against the fence and see their white underbelly.  The guy who was feeding them feed them chick heads.  Then we went to the house of the large mammals and split into two groups and my group went to the hippos first.  We saw the inside of the hippos mouth and it being fed hamburger buns."  by David


"Things we did...Today we went behind the scenes and fed giraffes and looked at the hippopotamus.  We also saw a zoo keeper feed the tigers!  It was very fun and exciting.  When we were feeding the giraffes, one was wasting all of the bread.  After that, two people came and they had a short eared owl named Hebou which means "owl" in French.  They shared lots of interesting facts about owls.  The two giraffes names were Kelsey and Marty.  The owl people showed us owl wings, a skull and lots of other things.  I wonder which owl is the biggest owl in the world."  By Ella



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Our visit to the tigers...

wpe2.jpg (52554 bytes)    wpe8.jpg (39913 bytes)   wpe24.jpg (18736 bytes)   wpe27.jpg (12134 bytes)

Behind the scenes with the Giraffes and Hippos...

wpe2A.jpg (25652 bytes)   wpe2D.jpg (32307 bytes)   wpe30.jpg (25775 bytes)   

wpe32.jpg (33874 bytes)  

Our visit with a real owl!

 wpe34.jpg (27358 bytes)   wpe36.jpg (31616 bytes)   wpe38.jpg (41065 bytes)


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wpe42.jpg (11590 bytes)   wpe44.jpg (21338 bytes)


We had an exciting start to our day with a “behind the scene” visit to the Siberian tigers, with their keeper, Larry.  We went into an interior area with a double fence to watch Larry feed the tigers.  What a great and exciting close up experience!  Back at the classroom, Judy shared some artifacts.  We got to see the skull of a tiger, and to measure and stroke the skin of a tiger who died from old age at the Calgary Zoo.  This was followed by another “behind the scene “ visit with both the hippos and giraffes.  We had to step into antiseptic, and wash our hands before feeding the giraffes, Marty and Kari.  They have long purple tongues which they curled around the bread we fed them.  Marty is quite a hog, so we had to distract her while feeding Kari. We learned a lot about how giraffes act in the wild.  Did you know that they seldom lie down, and that they rest in a circle formation facing outward so they are ready to run?  There are two hippos, an old male (thirty-six), and a young female ( fifteen).  The male came up to the special iron fence so the keeper could feed him ( a bread treat), and we got a bird’s eye view of his teeth, gums and beyond. His mouth was HUGE! After lunch and a short while on the playground, we had an owl visit and presentation by two docents.  We got to see a live short ear owl who sat on a perch for the whole time.  We also got to look at some biofacts, and looked at some things owls eat.  What an awesome day!










"This week was a totally extraordinary week at zoo School we did a bunch of cool and fun things.  I really can not pick what was my favourite.  I really liked the whole week.  I also learned a lot about animals.  I had a great time."  By Kaancan


"I thought Zoo School was really worth while.  My favourite part was going to the Canadian Wilds and seeing the Lynx and Cougar.  I learned lots about animals I would rate Zoo School a nine out of ten."  By Thomas


"My favourite part of Zoo School was the fun.  I would recommend it to a friend.  My favourite day was the day in the Canadian Wilds.  I would recommend this to a friend.  I think they should have the kids to choose the building."  By Anders


"We went to the park and had fun.  I went on the rope bridge.  Before we went to the Australian Nocturnal house.  I thought that Zoo School was GREAT!" By Melissa


"My favourite part is when the giraffe sat down and seeing and feeding the animals.  Today we saw the dwarf Crocodile, Two-toed Sloths, Kookaburras, Inland Bearded Dragons, wallabies, fennec foxes, tree kangaroos, fruit bats and giraffes.  I was very, very, very thankful!  I would love to come back.  I didn't like the weather.  I'd like to check out the website!"  By Chris





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Sketching in the conservatory...

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wpe2A.jpg (59925 bytes)   

The Meerkats...

wpe2D.jpg (38188 bytes)

Good ol' Dinny the dinosaur...

wpe30.jpg (42427 bytes)   

Saying good bye to the zoo...For now!

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wpe3A.jpg (48090 bytes)   



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wpe42.jpg (9900 bytes)   wpe44.jpg (15537 bytes)   wpe46.jpg (18009 bytes)

wpe48.jpg (19220 bytes)   wpe4C.jpg (15209 bytes)   wpe4F.jpg (16157 bytes)




The weather cooperated to make our last day at Zoo School most pleasant.  A lot of the animals were out sunning today.  We started the day with our last animal observation.  Most of the animals were very perky, as this was our first time to observe them this bright and early.  We spent more than an hour sketching in the conservatory.  We drew plants, birds, meerkats, butterflies and more.  It was a pleasant, relaxing way to practice observing and creating.  After lunch, we had some choice time, and students and volunteers revisited favourite places or saw some new things.  We had some reflection time this afternoon, in which we wrote about our day, and about the whole Zoo School experience.  Judy read us a story and we had some sharing time.  We cleaned up the classroom and headed back to Parkdale.  It has been a wonderful experience.  What a great way to learn!





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