Check out some of these cool links to some great animal games!

Click here to download a trial version of zoo Tycoon.  Build your own zoo, hire staff, adopt animals, and design your own enclosures!  It's awesome!  

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Check out some of these amazing games from Sedwick County Zoo.

National Geographic for Kids

Visit this great site to learn animal facts, take the Geo Bee challenge, play a pony game, make your own animal bookmarks, and so much more!

Animals, Myths and Legends

Check out this site to read some incredible animal legends.  You can even enter your own stories to be published online!  There are puzzles, word searches, and cool animal postcards as well!


Check out this great animal jig-saw puzzle site. You can drag the pieces around to make some amazing animal pictures!

Check out Zoo books magazine's great website for kids.  Play ocean games, the animal Olympics, mystery challenges, and much more!

Check out the National Wildlife Federation's kid zone area.

This site features lots of cool games and activities all about animals.  You will have fun playing hide and seek, playing a butterfly game, and much more!

A Bird's world

Check out this site dedicated to wild birds.  Do word searches, colour, and complete puzzles all about wild birds!

Guess the Animal guessing game online

Have a great time playing these online animal guessing games!


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