You will need quicktime viewer to view this movie

The virtual tour uses QuickTime Virtual Reality technology and VR Worx software to allow you to move around in the room and pick up and examine items from our room. It's not as good as the real thing, but you can use our Virtual Classroom to learn more about Alberta.  The children took all of the photos, and even created all of the "object movies."

Hold down the mouse button and drag your mouse around in the picture at left to see different parts of our Pioneer Museum. Use the Shift key to zoom in and the Control key to zoom out.

You will need QuickTime 3 and the QuickTime Plug In for Netscape installed on your Mac or Windows computer to view the panorama and object movies on these pages. You can get Quicktime and the plug-in, along with directions for installing and using them, by clicking here. It's free for both Mac and Windows.

Some of the items are tricky to find.  You can click here to view a complete list of all the items that are "clickable."



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