Animals of the Aspen Parklands


In the Aspen parklands there are many animals. Most animals live in other places as well. I will tell you about wildlife, endangered animals, history of animals of the aspen parklands, and the future for endangered animals.           


Wildlife animals

IÕm going to tell you about the wolves, coyotes, foxes, hares, black bears, humming birds, hawks that live in the aspen parklands. 

The red tailed hawk has many interesting features, ItÕs wing span is 48 cm and itÕs body length is18 cm .It has short legs, a dark body, has a hooked beak, and is large in width .It has wide wings and a wide tail, and baby hawks are very different than adults. 

The snowshoe hare are the most common animal in the forest. ItÕs not easily seen in the summer but they leave a lot tracks in the winter. 

Black bears are other animals found in the Aspen Parklands. They are smaller than a grizzly bear and a polar bear; Black bears are also in the same family as the polar and grizzly bear .The family is ursidae. 

Wolves arenÕt as scary as you might think, they do kill animals but donÕt usually kill people. They may if you scare them or run but if your clam they probably will leave you alone. 

The red foxes habitat is almost everywhere. They are found in Asia, Europe, and North America the species also can be found in South Africa and Australia. ItÕs family is the Canide family.         Coyotes are much the same as the Red fox. They are even in the same family with the wolf, Arctic fox, gray fox, swift fox and dog. The coyote is smaller than a wolf but more adaptable. Coyotes are also like dogs because they are intelligent and playful. 

The Ruby throat humming bird features are, ItÕs ruby throat goes all the way from itÕs throat to itÕs tail. The length of his throat is 7.5 to slightly more than 9cm.People say itÕs fantastic and beautiful.


There are 200 species of birds in the Northwest parklands. One of the birds is the sand hill crane. 

Other animals in the Aspen parklands are grouse, moose, owls, jays, and partridges.


                                                            History animals

            IÕm going to tell you about the bison or buffalo that once lived in the Aspen parklands. Bison or buffalo were the most dominant animal of the prairie. In Alberta 50,000 plain bison are being brought up on about 800 Ranches. Did you that bison that come by trees rub the bark off leaving marks six feet high!  

The prairie dog is a short tailed rodent  related to the squirrel! Some people say there are more than a million.


Endangered animals

     There are two endangered animals that live in the Aspen parklands that I will tell you about. The Trumpeter swan is the first one.      The Trumpeter swan was almost extinct in the early 1900Õs.They are now shot down for their feathers and meat. They are still endangered thou. TheyÕre also the largest Swan in the world and their life span is about 47 years.     

The other endangered animal is the Bull Trout .The Bull trout is endangered because of over fishing. In the early 1900Õs it was unwanted and replaced by other fish. It is almost extinct.

Future for endangered animals

     In the future I would believe   the Trumpeter swan would be extinct, at least in the Aspen parklands. They are getting shot down so quickly there are barely any left.            ItÕs the same with the Bull trout. But itÕs because of over fishing.  TheyÕre probably going to be extinct as well




White tailed deer


Red fox





Ruby throat humming bird


Black Bear




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