The Canadian Shield


This report is about the Canadian Shield.  I am going to tell you about the geology appearance and location of the Canadian Shield in Alberta.




Part of the Canadian Shield in it is located in Alberta.  In Alberta it is in a small northeastern corner.  The Shield takes up about half of CanadaŐs land.




 The Canadian Shield is made of gneiss, which is an igneous rock.  The Canadian Shield still only has Precambrian rock on top because the mountains erosion never affected it because it was to far away




In the Canadian Shield there are granite headlands and sandy beaches.  There are also granite cliffs in the Shield.  Because the mountains erosion didn't affect the Shield's bedrock so the land there isn't good for growing most things.  Most of the Shield is covered in jack pine forests.

    The Canadian Shield is a beautiful pristine environment mostly untouched by humans I hope you enjoyed my report.

By William