Boreal Forest




Hi. My name is Akshay. I am going to talk about resources in the Boreal forest, growing trees and about the Boreal forest. I hope you enjoy my report.





Resources in the Boreal forest

Trees are the main resource in the forest. There are many lakes in within the Boreal forest. People filter the water from the lakes and use it for drinking, bathing and cooking. By killing animals, people in the Boreal forest use it for food or skin. By digging, people find resources like copper, gold, silver, oil and gas.





If you see a rare tree do not cut it down, grow more of it. People want more trees and they are growing more. The bedrock in the Boreal forest has been eroding away for millions of years. It gives out minerals that the soil takes in so trees can grow. Because people want more trees they have to be careful. When harvesting is done, the areas used to keep the logs and some roads may be ripped with a large tooth like machine to loosen the soil so that trees can grow easily.





About the Boreal Forest

Many factors do bad things to the health of the forest. The provincial tree of Alberta is lodge pole pine tree. Because the forest is big it will be very hard for it to lose all its trees. Because people are cutting down trees, the amount of trees is decreasing. It is not wise to dig in the forest because you are spoiling the environment and what ever you are looking for you will soon run out of it. The boreal forest is the biggest region in Alberta.




Different types of trees

Black spruce, white spruce, balsam fir, tamarack, bal son poplar, paper birch, jack pine, quacking aspen and lodge pole pine.


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Percentage of Alberta regions


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