People in the Rocky Mountains



     Hello, I am going to tell you about some of the jobs in the Rocky Mountains in Alberta.  I will tell you about the some of the major jobs and industries in the Rocky Mountains.  Some of the major jobs are Mining, Tourism, Parks Canada,  Heath care workers, and Research Stations. 


           Mining in the Rocky Mountains is a popular industry but little known to people who do not live there.  The main resources mined are oil and coal.  Both are used in some matter of burning.  The mining industry is the most recognized of all industries all over the world.  When people think of industries they think of mining as the first thing that comes to mind.  But that’s not the only industry in the world.  There are other ones as well.  Like farming, fishing, and forestry. 


     Oil is mainly used in cars to be burned and to make it go and as you know the oil is mined.


           Tourism is the biggest job in the Rocky Mountains. Traveling is a part of tourism.  The traveling industry is made up out of travel agents, hotels, car rentals, pilots, restaurants, tour guides and more.  The main part of travelling is getting there and choosing where to stay, Tourism is a large attraction for people.  People bring money with them.  That means buying things.



     Extreme sports are made up of ski hills, and biking.  People come from the far reaches of the world to ski in the Rocky Mountains.  They come because we have mountains and snow.


         That concludes my work.

By Ethan

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