Wild life of the Rockies


In this research report I am going to tell about the wild life of the Rockies in Alberta this includes the animals of the Rockies, the endangered species, why are they endangered and the Burrowing Owl.


            The Rockies are home to lots of wild animals like: Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, Moose, Mountain Goats, Mountain Lions, White-tailed Deer and Porcupines.

It is also home to very aggressive farming, oil and gas development and mining combined with roads and railways. It has greatly impacted the natural balance placing lots of species at risk.


            Species at risk are in danger of extinction. A threatened species is likely to become endangered in the future. Some of the endangered species are: the Burrowing Owl, the Canadian Toad, the Columbia Spotted Frog, Ferruginous Hawks, Great Plains Toads, Green Warblers and Leopard Frogs.


            The Burrowing Owl is called the Burrowing Owl because of the burrows it uses for its nest. The owl doesnŐt dig its nest it moves into burrows that have been abandoned by Prairie Dogs, Armadillos and other animals. ItŐs scientific name is Speo Tyto. The Burrowing Owl is endangered because itŐs habitat is getting destroyed by machines to make way for roads.


            Wild life in the Rockies is very precious if we donŐt take of them they will be gone forever.       
















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