Hi, my name is Anita.I will be talking about the Canadian Shieldís resources.Some resources you can find at the Canadian Shield are gold, nickel, zinc, metal, lead, minerals, copper, trees (Fir, spruce and pine), furs and water.The Canadian Shield is covered in Precambrian igneous rock.Because of the hardness of this rock, the Canadian Shield is covered in small shallow lakes and rivers.There isnít much soil because the nutrients are still locked away in the hard Precambrian rock left behind from the glaciers.J







The Canadian Shield


I will tell you specifically about a few of the resources:

Furs you can get at the Canadian Shield are wolf, beaver, bear and arctic fox.


Trees (Fir, spruce and Pine) are the only trees that grow at the Canadian Shield.Only these trees grow here because they donít have deep rooting.The types of these trees are black spruce, white spruce, jack pine and balsam fir. These trees are often in forests along with trembling aspen, quaking aspen and paper birch.


Water covers the Canadian Shield (in lakes and rivers) one quarter out of four!


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