Alberta Foothills People

 By Angela



Alberta Foothills’ People have many different things that aren’t alike. They are all different cultures, they eat different food, and they are all sorts of different mixtures of families.

Every August the Alberta Foothills people celebrate a festival called Heritage day. In Heritage Day thousands of tourists go to booths selling culture crafts. There is also many types of food there for sale. People watch dancing and shows.

History is another important part of the Foothills. In 1955 a baby boom struck. Thousands of babies came to life. Many new schools were needed. Most of the schools were one-story and very long.

Natives have lived here for a really long time. They crossed the Bering Sea to get to the Foothills. The Blackfoot, Piegan, and Blood tribes are a few of the first tribes here. The languages they spoke were Athapaskan and Algonkian. The Natives came all the way from Asia. They hunted moose and deer in the North. Wild plants and berries were picked. The Natives followed bison herds on the plains. They used bison hides to make tipis and they used the meat to make pemmican.

The Foothills has a variety of different families. Most of the families have two parents and a few kids. Occasionally parents divorce, then the kids are looked after by only one of the parents. Some other families have a mother and a father with children from the last marriage. Other mothers and fathers get children but don’t get married.

Most families have huge parties normally the whole family comes including relatives These are called family reunions. Some cousins come all they way from the other side of the world to meet their whole entire family again.

            There are many different types of schools in the Alberta Foothills. The schools encourage students to start at the age of five. Grade 7 is the starting year of Junior High. Grade 9 is the starting year of Senior High. About 90% of the schools in the Alberta Foothills learn French. 5% of the schools are private. These schools have uniforms. There are also ones that are that are pubic, but still have uniforms, not many are like this. There are also schools that help kids learn different languages. Students do not have to attend these schools.

Hundreds of years ago fathers worked outside their home while the mothers were the ones that took care of the house and children. Now days parents share the work. Women have jobs that only men used to have. Like Scientists, Doctors, and Engineers. The Alberta Foothills people like comfortable homes that are well-built. They like clean water, electricity, television, and good telephone wires.

The Foothills supports many sports. The Calgary Flames is a hockey team in the Foothills. They bring many fans to their stadiums to watch their fantastic games. There is also a fantastic football team called the Calgary Stampeeders. When a city in the foothills called Calgary hosted the Winter Olympics in 1958 the Foothills earned billions of dollars from the tourists watching. The Foothills hope that if they keep on developing the excitement here they will have many jobs for the future. Skating also draws many visitors to the Foothills. The Foothills people are very interesting to learn more about. Try visiting more websites. I hope that you can visit there sometime.
























There are tons and tons of different cultures in the Alberta Foothills.

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