Hi my name is Aneesh. I am going to tell you about the physical features of the Alberta Foothills.



The bedrock in the Foothills has a top layer of sedimentary rock and a bottom layer of igneous rock.

The Foothills are good for farming because plants can easily get nutrients from the sedimentary rock.

Billions of years ago the foothills were flat and under water. Then the ice age came and all the water froze. When the weather warmed up the ice melted and the water flowed into big trenches made by the glaciers to form rivers. Then the plates started rubbing together to make the mountains. The pressure of the plates sliding over a different plate formed the foothills

The term prairie refers to the prairie grass that grows in the foothills. The elevation in the foothills gets lower as it moves eastward. Because the climate is dry the interior planes highly rely on water. 

The farming industry is very important. So a large sum of the plains has wheat fields and other crops.