There are six different regions in Alberta. This web page is about the people in Aspen Parklands. Aspen Parklands is one of the six different regions in Alberta. The six different regions are, Grasslands, Boreal forest, Canadian Shield, Rocky Mountains, Aspen Parklands and Foothills.

 Edmonton is one of the cities of Aspen Parklands. I am going to share some of the attractions, The population, and a bit about the recreation, Mayor Bill Smith’s recent trip to Austria and information about just plain…


          Edmonton became Alberta’s provincial capital when Alberta became its own province in 1905.

          Edmonton’s mayor is Bill Smith. Mayor Bill Smith has recently gone to Austria on a business trip called “project Germany.” He is trying to get the German people to set up businesses in Edmonton. As a result some German people are going to set-up a recycling plant in the year of 2003!

          The population in 2002 was 665599 and 2003 is expected to grow by7-8000 every year. In 2003 it is expected to have about 772,599 people in Edmonton.

Edmonton will be holding the 2004 BMO (bank of Montreal) Canadian Skating Championship, the Juno Awards and in 2005 Edmonton will be the host of the World Masters Games!

                   2003 is the year Edmonton is going to be hosting the world cup triathlon! In the past the British Commonwealth were held by Edmonton!

                   Some of Edmonton’s attractions are:

- West Edmonton Mall

- Devonian Botanic Garden

- John Jandzen Nature Center

- Valley Zoo

- Muttan Conservatory

-         Fort Edmonton

The Odyssium is in Edmonton and has a hands on space and science museum, a planetarium, IMAX theater, observatory

Wayne Gretzky played with the Edmonton Oilers from 1979 to 1988. Starting at the age of 17


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                   Edmonton is a great place you should go there one day. I think Edmonton mall is a fun city; I’ve gone there twice!


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This is mayor Bill Smith

This is a swimming pool in West Edmonton mall




























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