I’m going to tell you about people who live in the south of Alberta there’s a broad area of forest.  It’s called the Boreal Forest.




The Boreal Forest has been a home to the Cree, Métis, Dene, Athabascan, Inuit and Gwich`in.  The Métis and Inuit are two of the fastest growing groups.  They live in rural and small villages.



          There are 3,900,000 people or 14% of its population, live in the Boreal forest which 35% of Canada’s land area.  Density of people is 2.6 persons per square mile. Since the population is so small the cities are scarce.






The First Nations consist of a majority of this region.  Here’s a traditional Aboriginal lifestyles are deeply tied to continued an existence of wildlife.  Most of the First Nations in the Boreal forest trade furs instead of paying.  These Native American people consist of a majority of this region.  Some work these people do are mining and forestry.  Some Aboriginal people live in traditional ways depend on forest for food, medicine, and business lively hood.  When you’re a baby using diapers the diapers aren’t normal.  They’re made out of sphagnum moss is weaved into diapers.  They are actually better then today’s diapers.  When the First Nations used these diapers, they never had a diaper rash.  That’s how they are better then today’s diapers.












          People are losing trap lines because of the forestry; one acre per. second is cut. The man made dams are an other problem.  They kill the beavers, muskrat and their predator’s destruction of caribou and migration routes.  Lower fish population. It floods wetlands making plants break down giving off mercury atoms, the fish absorb this, and people eat the fish causing high mercury levels. Because of global warming acid rain will change the lakes change the habit of fish and invertebrates.  Diseases will be a big threat to humans and animals.




Interesting Facts


Before there were snow mobiles the natives had animals help them.  The animals would pull sleds, and the Indians invented the “snow shoes”. 






Bibliography                        Canada’s Boreal Forest By J. David Henery (book)




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