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Explanation of the Project



Students will identify and summarize what the six regions of Alberta are and compare them to the regions of Alaska.  They will examine the following essential questions:

  • How is our landscape shaped by its people?

  • How are we shaped by our land?

  • How does our changing landscape affect the people who live amongst it?

  • What are the stories that our landscapes can tell us?

  • How is our landscape different than the landscapes of other places in North America?

  • How do our people and stories differ from one another?

  • How has the landscape impacted other areas of North  America differently than our own?


Project Overview

SStudents involved in the project are grade four students from Ranchlands Elementary in Calgary, Alberta and grade three students at Denali Elementary in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Students will share geological information about land formation in their province and state.  The students will examine land formation, specific regions, and research the people, resources, wildlife, and general description of each region.  Students will have the opportunity to share their work with each other through traditional and online correspondence as well as examining one another's work through our website.


Project Full Description


 The project will involve three parts:

  1. Examining the physiology of the land:  Geology, Regions of Alberta, Paleontology

  2. Examining the impact of change on our landscapes: Looking at communities, Aboriginal people

  3. Comparing Alberta to Alaska: How landscape has impacted the community of Denali differently than our own.

The students will have the opportunity to investigate and share information throughout the project via traditional and online correspondence, in addition to online chats with students and experts.  


Duration of Project


The project began in September, 2003.  Phases two and three will continue throughout the school year.


Expected Outcomes


As a result of this project, students will learn to perform searches and use linked URL’s on the internet.  They will learn to create their own web pages and how to recognize and summarize important information.   Students will also learn to use email and a chat room in a safe way.  The students will examine essential questions and look for ways to explore how to answer and present their findings in creative ways that meet their individual learning styles, interests and capabilities.  Each student will create their own webpage, and will design and create a classroom-generated online presentation of their learning using virtual reality.  In this capacity, each student will create their own object movie.  Upon its completion, students will then share and compare their province with the state of Alaska via correspondence and classroom chats.




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