Click on one of the names below to read an incredible pioneer adventure by the students of room 3!  Don't forget to check out the amazing time we had square dancing as we learned about the pioneers!  What a great time!

Adam Christian Kristian Patrick Kaylene
Riley Dylan Connor Lucas Kayla
W. Sayer Eden Madison Stephanie
Chloe Emily Mikala Rowan Mariah
Chris Jeni Nicole Keegan  




I'm Rage.  There is lots of buffalo around here.  My family is Mary, Bo, and Fred.  Five hours later...  "There is a buffalo stampede," Rage said.  "Fred, go get your rifles.  Bo go get mine."  "Yes Dad."  Fred shot the bison.  Bang!  Good job Fred.  They had buffalo for dinner.

By Riley

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Once there was a girl named Maddy.  She lived on top of a hill in a log cabin.  She had a sister named Mikala and Mariah, a mom named Miss Speight, a dad named Mr. Jones, and a brother named Lucas and another brother named began.  One day Miss Speight was knitting pants.  The kids were playing in the at6tic when the father ran inside.  They could hear a bear outside.  "Another Bear! said Lucas.  Everyone get all the animals in now," said miss Speight.  "I'll get the food outside."  But Lucas snuck out and made the bear go away.  But before he made the bear go away he turned the corner.  Keegan almost got eaten by the bear.  But Lucas saved him.

Chapter 2

Before they did not have any animals.  Everyone all went hunting for bears and animals.  but they saw all the animals hurt.  They took them home.  There were cats, dogs, and three fish.  they were just going to give them names but they heard a noise.  They looked behind them and saw a big black bear.  They ran and took the animals home.  They were safe.  They called the cat Stephanie, the dog Sayer, and the fish were named  Connor, katie, and Sweetie.  They went out again and found a baby and a Mommy horse.  the baby's name is Rowan, the Mommy's name was Miss Smith.  Also they found two gophers named Dylan and Kaylene.  The animals and people lived happily ever after and also no bears came again! 

The End

By Jeni

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Life in the 1800s

 A long long time ago there was a little girl named Rosey.  She had a dog named Kaylene.  She loved to play with her dog and pet her dog.  She lives in the prairies with her Ma, Pa, and her dog.  She loved her ma, Pa, and her dog.  She never wanted to leave her family.  pa went hunting.  He caught a bear.  When he got home he noticed that the bear was gone.  Arlene and Sam had seen that bear.  Then  they left the forest.  Pa left home and went to the forest.  he saw the bear.  He put the bear in the middle of the wagon so he wouldn't come near again.  When he got home he had supper.

By Kaylene

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The Pioneer

Hi I am Logan.  I live in the woods.  It is the year 1850.  I want to tell you about the time I ran out of food.  I was young then.  I liked being young.  One day i wanted food.  I went outside.  There were  no animals.  I walked and walked.  Nothing.  I went back in my log cabin.  I looked in the cellar and there was a whole deer.  I liked deer. You know I at the deer.  I remember that it tasted great.  Back then it wasn't polluted.  I could get sleep. There were no cars and trucks.  I miss those old days.  But I am not young anymore.  I am 64!

The End

By Patrick

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Once there was a pioneer.  His name is Jon.  He went to cut some more wood for his fire.  When he got back there was a bear in front of his lotg cabin.  he took his gun and he brought the bear in.  And he had it for supper.  When he was done eating he went to bed.  The End

By Christian

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The Pioneer

Hi! My name is Chris.  I live in the prairies.  It is hot! One day I was going for a walk in the prairies.  I walked right by a prairie dog city.  All of the prairie dogs weren't there except for one!  Then I saw a snake.  It was three inches away from it.  I grabbed it before I knew it, I had 13 snakes.  i ate them all for my dinner.  When that prairie dog was grown up he lived right beside me!  

The End

By Chris

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The Tough Life in the 1950s

    Hi my name is Sarah.  I have a dog and a cat.  I have two sisters named Jeni and Madison and a brother named Connor.  And one older sister named Miss Smith.  My ma was named Miss Speight and my Pa was named Henry.  One day my Pa went hunting and just when he was going to shoot he tripped and broke his leg.  Luckily, Sarah was there.  I heard him and went and got Connor.   he was very strong and he ran into the woods and whistled for his horse.  The horse came.  Connor put Pa on and rod back.  Sarah was so frightened that she fainted and sleep all night.  In the morning I was so relieved when ma woke me up and told me that pa was safe.  I said, "Oh thank-you Connor for saving our beloved pa!"  And we lived happily ever after.

By Mikala

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Hi my name is Connor, I live in a log cabin on the prairies.  I like getting the maple syrup with Pa.  When the syrup dripped into the bucket, Pa and I take the syrup to the boiling kettle and it boils for about 10 days.  When it is finished we can make maple sugar.  It is sort of like maple syrup like the kind that you and me have now.  

Ma said, "it is bed time.  I will see you in the morning.  Remember the coyotes can not get into our house." 

 "But ma what about bears?" I said.  

"Don't worry if a bear does come Pa would scare it away with his gun," Ma said.  

"What would Pa do to the bear?" I asked.  

"He would either shoot at the sky or shoot the bear but I doubt he would shoot the bear because you know how much pa likes wildlife, don't you?"   

"Yes i do ma."  I said.  

"Now go to sleep Connor," ma said. 

 "Zzzzzzzzz."  I said as I slept.  

Suddenly I heard Pa get up and grab his gun. 

 I got up and said, "pa what are you doing?" 

"I am getting my gun because I heard something like a bear," said Pa. 

 "Are you going to  shoot it or the sky?" I said. 

"I am going to shoot the sky," pa said.  

Suddenly the bear scratched a hole in the house. 

 "I'd better scare that bear away," said pa.  

I covered my ears for the sound of the gun shot.  I heard a faint boom!  Pa came in and everybody was standing perfectly still and was staring at him.  

Pa said, "did you get everybody up?"

  "No I did not pa," I said.  

"We got up by the sound of the gunshot," Said Ma. 

 "well can we all get back to sleep now," Pa said.  

So everybody including pa went to sleep. 

The End

By Connor

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Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Pocahontas.  She lived in the forest with her mom and dad.  They had a pig to cook for supper.  Pocahontas rode her horse in the forest to find food for the pig.  so he would fatten up.  While she was looking for food she fell off the horse and broke her leg.  When it got dark her dad went looking for her in the forest.  When he found her he put her on the horse.  then they went to the doctor to get a cast.  Then her dad took her home and they had a big dinner.

By Kayla

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The Big Blue Rescue

Hi, I'm Kaitlyn.  I live in the prairies.  I love my Ma and Pa.  My friend's name is Keegan.  my sister's name is Jeni.  I have a dog.  His name is Chris.  My two cats names are Gieter and Barcky.  One day I came home and saw Chris, Gleter, and Barcky were gone.  I called my friend Keegan.  he said he would help.  We looked in the forest and looked in the trees.  They looked everywhere.  We heard a meow and a bark.  We found the pets.  Everyone was happy again.

By Katie

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No More Food Left

My name is Ginger, I am nine years old.  I am from London.  I left because people died there.  I live in a log cabin.  One day Pa forgot to close the door and a bear came in and took our food.  No one was there in the the house.  I came home from school and everybody was at the tree to get maple syrup.  I looked at the cupboard and I said to myself, "There's no cup."  Everybody was home.  "Hello," I said.  "Pa a bear ate all of our food."  "We will get some more food," said pa.  "Ok," I said.  We went out and saw ten bears outside.  "Ok, which one of you took our food?" I said.  "We shot some bears and got our food back.  There were had a wonderful dinner.  It was time to go to sleep.  'Good night," I said.  "Good night Ginger," said Ma and pa said.  And we lived happily ever after.

By Stephanie

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Hi my name is Lilly.  I am ten years old.  I am a pioneer.  I live in a log cabin with Pa.  It was winter and I was outside playing with a pig bladder.  Pa salted the meat and put it in the Attic.  The next day we ran out of food and we were starving.  I said, "I'm really hungry.  I want something to eat."  Pa said, "we don't have any food.  "Where is the deer?" I said.  " I forget." said pa.  I went upstairs and got the deer and gave it to pa and he made food.  We live a healthy life.  

by Rowan

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Hi my name is Michelle and I come from England and i want to tell you about my trip.  My family and I were walking and got trapped in the forest.  But we were not hurt.  a wolf helped us.  It brought us to his den.  The wolves fed us.  then we found a log cabin.  That is where we slept.  The next morning whole wolf pack came to visit us and it was very interesting.  Then we visited with the wolves and they went home.  The End

By Nicole

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My Special Present

My name is Tom.  I have a big cabin.  Tomorrow is 1850s birthday.  Oh by the way, my family members names are Luke, Mary, Lilly, ma and Pa.  ma lost her necklace but it's up to me to get it back by tomorrow.  How an I going to find it?  So I went to see Ma.  She said i think I lost it somewhere in the attic.  so i took my candle and searched and searched but then i saw something glittering.  it was the necklace!  I grabbed it and i gave it to ma the next morning

The End

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Hi my name is Jack.  I am a hunter.  I hunt for bears.  Today I am going hunting for a big bear.  so i am off.  I tried to shoot the bear but i missed the bear.  When i got home there was a bear attacking my pig.  I shot the bear.  And I brought the bear home to eat.  I ate then I decided to hunt for deer.

By Sayer

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Hello!  I am a pioneer.  I came from Europe.  I did not like it there.  so i came to Canada.  I have a snake, a prairie dog, and a buffalo.  I caught a very bad disease.  My friends tried to find something to help me.  But they could not find anything.  But we finally remembered that we could get medicine from snakes.  But we couldn't find any snakes.  And we didn't want to kill mine.  so we got mine to get another one to kill.  so we did it and in not time I was healthy again.  

By Lucas

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Once upon a time in the 1850s there was a little boy named Sayer.  He lived in the big woods and it was Winter.  Sayer had a pig.  Sayer lived in a log cabin.  One day when Sayer woke up he went to check on the pig but the pig wasn't there.  Sayer ran around the house four times.  he was so worried then he ran into the woods to find the pig.  Sayer looked everywhere.  Then Sayer had an idea.  he ran back to his house to get some food.  Then he came back and put 5the food on the ground.  Then he waited.  Then he heard the pig coming.  he jumped on the pig but he missed and the pig jumped on him.  Sayer brought the pig back to the house.  Sayer took the pig to his pen.  Then Sayer went inside.  The he came back outside with a knife to kill the pig.  But the pig wouldn't stay still.  So he chased it around but the pig was too fast.  Then finally he ki8lled the pig.  Then he had it for supper.

By Dylan

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Hi my name is Gladys.  I am fourteen years old.  I have a cat.  He is orange.  His name is Meowy.  I have a blue and white dress.  I wear it every day.  Here is a story about how pa forgot the food for 5the winter... One day pa went into the smoke housel.  It is like a log standing up with a roof.  He went in it and saw there was not food in it.  so Pa went to the general store.  "We have no food either, but we have salt, sugar, and four."  pa said, "We have all that."  So they left.   Pa went out into the big woods and shot 26 thin bears and 65 deer.  That winter Pa learned his lesson and every inter pa stored food in the smoke house and he never forgot again.

By Emily

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Hi, my name is Emma.  I live in the forest by the cow pond.  My sister and I went swimming and we saw something in the water.  Then it got my sister in the cow pond.  I went down and got her.  But I did not know what got her.  My sister and I and my ma and Pa built our log cabin and we built our house out of sod.  While we were waiting and we got our logs.  And then we found how the monster was from the cow pond.,  We played with our friend Nessie all the time and when Ma called me for dinner.

By Madison

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Swift and I went hunting.  Swift is my orange and black cat.  I saw a deer.  I shot it.  But when I went to get it swift was got.  So I called him and he did not come.  so I went to look for him.  I found him and we had some dinner.  It was good.

By Keegan

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The Wolves

Hi, I'm Kristian.  I cam4e from England.  I am a pioneer.  I have 8 wolves.  I will tell you their names.  Sniffer, Chris, Chloe, Katie, Keegan, Riley, Chewer and Poker.  One day one of the wolves was very far away in the woods.  he was very lost in the woods.  he was very far away.  Then he saw a hug bear. The bear growled at him.  Then Poker pounced and bit the bear's let and howled.  The bear ran away.  Poker had a very hard time getting home.  He walked straight into a mud puddle.  He found he was going in circles.  so he went the wrong way.  So he went straight and got home.  Then I gave him a hug and then a bath.  he licked me.  One day everyone was very hungry.  So I went hunting. It was a little hard.  So I caught the food and we had a good breakfast.

The End

by Kristian

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How to Make Pioneer Candles

You tie a string to a stick and dip the string in the hot wax.  They didn't have a Co-op so they had to hunt and grow their own food.

By Eden








Hi My name is Adam.  I came from  Europe.  I came here because of the wars.  My father hunted.  He got caught by a bear.  he dropped his gun.  The bear got caught by a leg hold trap.  My father killed the bear.  He took him home for dinner.

By Adam

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The Pioneer Family

Hi I am Laura.  I have long hair.  My sister is karra.  She is six and my brother is four.  I am ten.  My brother's name is Matthew.  We call him matt or Bubbie. Our Ma can be strict sometimes.  But whenever we listen she is very nice.  My Pa can be the same.  he is especially nice when he tells us stories.

Chapter 2: The Story

Laura come here," said pa.  "One second please," said Laura.  "Yes?"  "Go get your brother and sister," said Pa.  "Get some logs for the fire."  "We're having turkey and peas," Ma said.  After supper Laura, Karra, and Bubby went to bed.

Chapter three: The case of the parents

In the middle of the night they all heard a noise.  But Laura said to Karra and Bubby, "Go back to sleep youngins."  "Don't call us youngins," said Bubby.  In the morning Laura woke to make breakfast and when she was done making it, she rang the breakfast bell.  No one except Karra and Bubby came.  so Laura gave Karra and Bubby their food and went to go see he ma and Pa.  The window was broken and the bed was torn and feathers were all over!  Her ma and pa were gone!  Right then Laura knew who did this and who took her parents.  The biggest bear in the mountain. She screamed, "AAAAAAA!" 

Chapter four: The Journey

The kids looked at Laura.  "We're going on a trip, " Laura said.  So she got some clothes, tools, and some food then they were off.  After three days they found their ma and pa.  When the bear was asleep Laura gave her pa the gun which was loaded and then he shot the bear.

Chapter five: The Party

Four days later they told their friends and had a party and they were safe.  The end

By Chloe






The Best Night

There was a family that played all day.  In the house lived Ma and Pa and three little girls.  Pa went out for food and saw a bear.  But he tripped and the bear ran away.  Then pa found another bear he was happy.  When Pa got home he played his fiddle.  It was the best night.

By Mariah

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