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The Spinning Wheel

This spinning wheel is 100 years old.  They are  made out of wood, wax, and nails.  It is dark and small.  Some have three legs and others have four legs.  They are brought from other countries.  They turn wool into yarn.

By Riley

The age of this spinning wheel is 150 years old.  It was made in 1852.  It is used to make warm clothes.  You peddle on it so it makes the top wheel turn.  Then  you feed the sheep wool into it.

By Chris

The spinning wheel looks like a wheel with a bottom.  I think it is 150 years old.  It is used for making quilts, rugs, and clothing.  It also straightens wool but first it needs to be cared then you put it in the wheel.  It makes you a sweater.

By Patrick


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