Check out some of these amazing links about pioneers and museums all over the world!

Find out all about Inuit artifacts at:

The Virtual Alaska Room

Find out more about Pioneers at this really cool site at the Elphinistone Pioneer museum Find out more about the gold rush and the Northwest Territories at the Dawson City Museum Find out more about the covered wagons of the pioneers at Conestoga Wagons Find out all about pioneer cooking at Pioneer Cooking
The Glenbow Museum

-Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Check out the government of  Canada's digital collection of artifacts at:

Canada's Digital Collection

Check out this amazing Think Quest journey into Pioneer life in America Find out all about Pioneer life at Pioneer life Teachers! Check out this amazing resource site with links and great media resources!
Find out all about square dancing at:

 Square Dance Calgary

Find out about the pioneers' covered wagon at The Covered Wagon Learn about pioneers through pioneer memories at Hendricks Remembers Visit Heritage Park in Calgary, Alberta, Canada Learn about how pioneers settle Illinois, U.S.A. at the Fringes of the Prairie
Find out more about Canadian History at:

The Ontario Archives

Learn even more about the covered wagon at Wagons Learn more about how President Lincoln helped pioneers settle the U.S.A at Today in History Visit Pioneer Life in Upper Canada, a site for grade three students Learn more about the Little House in the Big Woods through this great Webquest!

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