The Flour Sifter

The title of my artifact is the sifter.  It has a handle and a bead.  It is very old.  I am thinking that it is about 190 years old.  I belonged to Katie's great grandma.  It is used for getting all the bugs out of the flour.

By Stephanie

The sifter has a handle.  It is made out of tin.  It is about 75 to 100 years old.  It belonged to my great, great grandma.  It was used for getting bugs out of the flour.

By Katie

The flour that pioneers had a long time ago had a lot of lumps, bugs, and was not nearly as finely ground as the flour we have today.  The pioneers used the sifter to take out the lumps and bugs and also to turn the flour into a finer powder.

Miss S.

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