We would really like to thank the following people for whom which this project would not have been possible...

  • Skip Via, FNSBSD Instructional Technology Specialist, Fairbanks Alaska

  • University Park Elementary for their amazing inspiration

  • Ladd Elementary, Fairbanks, Alaska for creating such an amazing Alaska Room

  • Jeff Jones, principal Parkdale Elementary, Calgary, Alberta for his incredible support

  • Kim Irving from the Glenbow Museum for bringing in so many interesting artifacts

  • Shannon Smith, our student teacher for all of her support and hard work

  • Chris from Gaps for lending us so many artifacts

  • The Telus 2learn initiative for their support and funding

  • Taryn and Brian for all of their help with lending and helping to set up equipment

  • The students and staff at Parkdale Elementary for all of their hard work and support

We could never have done it without you!  Room 3 thanks you all with all of our hearts!

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