The Pioneer Cradle board

When we first saw this artifact, we all thought it was a pioneer's backpack!  When we met Kim from the Glenbow, we realized we were all wrong!  In actual fact, it is a cradle board.  It is used for carrying babies.  I guess that's why there wasn't any bottom to the pack!

Miss S.

This is a pioneer cradle board from 100 years ago.  It looks like its made from snake skin but it is actually canvas.  It has ropes to hold it shut.  It was used to carry babies.

By Rowan

This is an artifact.  It is made out of wood and canvas, metal, deer skin, and string.  I am guessing it is from the 1800s.  The backpack is very smooth.

By Jeni

The artifact is made out of canvas, deer skin, rope, metal, and wood.  It is used for carrying babies.  This backpack is about 100 years old.

By Emily

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