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Read what students have to say about their amazing journey!

“I liked visiting the rocks and minerals because I collect rocks and my birthstone was there.  The gems and minerals were really pretty and it tells lots of good information.  Leanne was there and I thought that was cool because I know Leanne.  I also liked going up on the seventh floor where no one really gets to go.  I like it because it was really cool up there.  There are lots of artifacts that are in there but they aren’t downstairs and we get to see them.  I liked being with people who could show us around.  We got to hold the artifacts and pass them around.  I like that because everyone got to see them too. I liked having the website because we could share all of our pictures to the world and then maybe they will join museum school because it is so much fun.  We are teaching them about the stuff that’s in the museum and we’re teaching them what things the artifacts do and we’re teaching them the titles of the exhibits.  It was fun sharing it with my family because they got excited.  My wants to go to the museum now.  They were surprised with all of the drawings and how much people wrote.  I was surprised too.”  Madison.

“There were so many good parts that its hard to decide.  I liked looking at the painting and writing.  Because it was interesting.  I saw the painting with the fish flying in the wind.  I  liked writing about it.  I also liked Nitsitapisiini because there were so many cool drums hanging from the roof.  I liked having the website because you could put all of your work on it so other people could see it.  I looked at it and thought everybody’s work was so cool.  Some of the people drew those weird statues and they were too hard to draw.  I thought they did a good job.”  By Heather

 “I liked the Nitsitapisiini because we are learning about the Blackfoot people.  I liked the tipi because they put some badgers on it.  It was neat looking.  I liked to sketch and write about Alicia.  Alicia is a little girl.  She is 10 years old.  She’s not real.  She is a character that we made up with an author named Roberta.  I liked when she got an idea of a boy taking her flute.  I liked writing about her flute.  I was sitting by this glass place where there was old clothing and a baby carriage that had a baby inside of it.  It helped me write my story because it was quiet there and there weren’t many things there to bother me.  I think it is a good idea to have this website because we can show the world what we have been doing and we can show how fun it could be for other schools.  I hope people write us and then we can write to them.”  By Ciara.

" I liked Nitsitapisiini (The Blackfoot exhibit) because it was nice to see what the Blackfoot had and see what they used, what they made, and see what a tipi sort of looked like.  I liked seeing how they chased buffalo to eat them.  It kind of showed us how they lived and how they caught their food and how they made their clothes and how they looked.  The museum shows a lot of stuff.  You could go to a reservation but it might be harder to find it.  I showed my family our website because it was nice for them to see what we saw.  They got to see some stuff that they didn’t know about.  If we drew a picture or wrote about it then they could know about it too.  Other people from around the world could see it to.  They would learn things about the First Nations and they would learn not to call them Indians.  This is important because they don’t like to be called Indians because they are not from India.”  By Sam

“My favourite part about museum school was when we made the plasticine pictures.  We got our ideas from looking at the artifacts.  We used plasticine to make the pictures.  After we made the pictures we wrote stories about them.  I liked making my pictures because it was cool.  I liked using plasticine because you can make it sticking out sometimes.  On the very first day we got to touch the artifacts in the Arctic place.  I liked it because they were real artifacts.  We learned about the Inuit and the West Africans.  The Inuit people live in the Arctic and the African people live in Africa.  One place is cold and one place is hot.  The Inuit used bones to make their tools, and the African people used wood.  They also used wood, mud, and clay to make their homes.   The Inuit people used snow and ice.  I like our website because there are all kinds of cool pictures and people around the world can see our website.  They can see what we do at museum school and we teach them about our classroom and museum school.”  Christian.


“My favourite part about museum school was when I got to see all of the stuff where the kids used to play.  There were signs of toys, and there were trains, there were birds that people drew and there was a lot of cool stuff.  I liked it because it had a lot of old toys that they don’t give out any more.  There were toy soldiers, dolls, and Barbies.  I drew a gun in a pocket and did some writing about the birds.  I liked when we looked at the Head smashed in buffalo jump model.  I made a story and I liked to do the story about it because I wrote a lot about the head smashed in buffalo and I was with my mom.  We got to spend half an hour and I wrote a whole story when I was there.  The website is a great idea because then everybody can see how good of a class we are.  They will learn things that we have learned and then they can learn about it in their class and they can tell their friends.”  By Quinn


“I liked the knight stuff and the jousting on the computer that they showed.  It was cool because I liked drawing the weapons and I wrote about it.  I liked the activity with the smells.  They took camera film holders and they put an elastic to keep the material on.  Before they put a kind of smell inside of it.  We tried to smell it and see what picture matched it.  It was hard.  Our smell was a lot like the swamp painting.  I saw that there were leaves and there was a strong smell of leaves inside.  There were trees by the swamp and they would probably smell like that.  We picked it because it smelled that way.”  By Jaxen


“I liked when we got to go around the parts of the museum and got to sketch the artifacts and then we had to do writing about them.  I think my favourite thing to write about was a lizard painted on the wall in the West Africa exhibit.  I liked it because my sketch looked really good and I liked my story a lot.  It is easier to write with an artifact in front of my since then I know what my story can be about, it gives me ideas.  I had an idea that he could be an artifact and since he looked really neat I could show him off in my story.  I liked sharing the site with my mom. The person who looks at it can look at our stories and get ideas and maybe they can become a famous writer.  Maybe they can have a really good idea and they can add our ideas to their ideas.  When I write I get my ideas sometimes from how the artifact is shaped, what it looks like and the colours of it, and maybe how big it was.  If pictures of the artifacts are on the internet it might help illustrators draw pictures and writers write stories.”  By Lucas


“ There were lots of cool artifacts at Nitsitapiisinni.  There was the head-smashed-in buffalo jump, tipis, and a model of a residential school.  I liked finding the mineral’s names.  We got a mineral and we wrote about it.  We drew it and then we looked for it in the mineralogy gallery.  I found two of mine.  I found out that one of them was really special because t felt like plastic.  The other one was really old. I shared the website with my mom and my dad and my brother.  I showed them my work.  It was great because now my mom knows what I was doing at museum school. This was a good way to show her because she works and she couldn’t go to museum school.  I am going to share the website with my grandma and grandpa tonight.  I think they’ll like all of my work too.”  By Ryan





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