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Our Day...

We had more time to explore exhibits that we didn't have a chance to see yesterday.  In the morning, Michelle worked with us in the art gallery.  We looked deeply at a piece of artwork which appealed to us, and described in detail what the piece had to "say"-what colours, sounds, smells, tastes and textures spoke to us as we let ourselves get inside the works of art.  We used our imaginations and the descriptions we shared were lively and vivid.

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In the afternoon we visited the other exhibits and tried to look more deeply at artifacts which appealed to us.  It was a very busy day with lots of learning happening!

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Today's Incredible Sketches!


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Some of  Today's Amazing Writing!

"The black opal looks like a piece of sky.  It weighs 26.0 Karats.  It is a dark blue colour...John Ware was a big scary man.  He had a nice brown horse.  John Ware was a slave.  He learned to be a cowboy in the open plains of Texas.  He worked his way North to the Idaho ranges in 1882.  He had to show his group what he could do.  He was a mean green fighting machine!  His horse was very very tall and it was even taller than John Ware."  By Mikala " Treasures of the Mineral world...I see a lot of shiny blobs of what looks like Jello.  They are super duper cool."  By Annike
"West Africa... i think that this totem pole is about 72-73 years old.  It is about three metres high.  It has a pattern in it.  It has an African tiger, African, African tiger, African.  The colours are brown and black.  I think it took about two months to make this totem pole."  By Dylan "I see green trees and many reflections on a sunny day near the river bank.  In the middle of the river is a magnificent little island.  I saw the reflection of the green trees...trees of green, brown, and green leaves, a quiet pond and beautiful, huge, magnificent mountain that reaches to the sky and yellow grass... I like this art because I like nature and animals."  By Shantel


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