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Our Day...

Today was a wonderful day!  We had a lot of fun revisiting some of the areas that we visited yesterday.  Everyone was excited to be able to work on some of their sketches and to finish the stories that they began.  We began the morning as we revisited the Blackfoot exhibit, or Nitsitapiisinni ("Our Way of Life" in Blackfoot)  We looked very carefully at the objects and imagined them somewhere other than in a museum.  Some of our stories were simply amazing.

This is the Chevron-Texaco Open Minds Museum School Classroom. It is located on the fourth floor of the Glenbow museum.

This is a model of Head-Smashed-In Buffalo jump. We learned a lot about how the Blackfoot killed the buffalo.

This pictures shows the framework of the tipi.

The Siksika (or Blackfoot) exhibit is a very calm and peaceful place to write and explore.

This story robe has many stories to tell.

This exhibit shows the many herbs and berries used by the Blackfoot people. Each exhibit explains the medicinal use of each plant.

What a wonderful place to be inspired! Each artifact has an amazing story to tell!


Michele Gallant from the Glenbow Museum helped us look "Deeply" at art today.  We used "works of art to explore and exercise our own creative potential by looking deeply and finding personal meaning."  We really enjoyed sharing our ideas of what we saw, how it made us feel, and the stories that each work of art told us.  We also enjoyed creating our own works of art based on words that guided our creation.


We finished off our day by exploring the creation of a character by putting ourselves in the place of a Blackfoot child taken away to a Residential School. As we created our character, we asked ourselves what our character would look like, what they would love to do, what their fears were, their personality, and how they must have felt in this situation.   We explored how difficult this must have been for the Blackfoot children and their families, but we can't possibly ever really know how that must have really been for them. 

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Today's Incredible Sketches!




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Some of Today's Amazing Writing!



"First Nations people killed buffalo to eat so they could survive.  And Blackfoot killed buffalo too.  ... I am a First Nations person away from home.  I have an arrow and bow.  August, Friday the fifth I was taken from family.  A European person came in and took me away.  I am afraid of 100 buffalo charging at me.  My name is Brandon.  My teacher is strict. " By Kurt  "I smell blood.  It makes me feel like I'm scared.  The arrow is made out of sticks and feathers.  It's sharp and idd I mention it's made out of sharp metal?  I am a girl and I have long,. shinny hair.  I have blonde hair.  I don't want to go to the school.  I am scared.  I'm going to miss my Mom.  I had no choice.  They would hung my mom and me down and spank me... If I don't talk in English I will get into trouble and get a big spanking."  By Kayla
"I see the Blackfoot people drumming on drums.  They are wearing pretty clothes.  I think they are having a ceremony.  They are dancing.  I can smell Pemmican cooking in the forest.  I see buffalo in the background running and playing.  In the forest the Blackfoot kids are cooking food on the fire.  there are tipis in the background.  I can see the mountains over the forest.  they have snow on the top of it.  The ceremony is ending.  A herd of buffalo is coming right towards the people!  I ran away and hid in the bushes and yelled as loud as I could all the people ran away and hid in the bushes too!"  By Heather " My name is Robert.  I have five brothers and sisters.  I have a dad and a mom.  I miss my mom and dad.  I'm scared.  I wish I could go home.  I'm not happy because I was taken away from my parents.  I miss my brothers and sisters."  By Ryan
"I'm in a room.  There are trees.  They tell me something but I can't tell what it is.  I see people all around me.  Not ujst any people that I know, they are First Nations people.  I feel like I am in another dimension.  I feel tree bark against my back.  I hear singing from a bird in a tree.   I see people making dolls.  I see the chief of the white horse plains.  I bow to him.  He gives me a feather from a bag.  He is kind to me.  I go to my tipi and start to pray to the gods.  Someone has died.  We have a funeral.  There is a bonfire.  Someone is drying some meat.  I get a new dress.  It is red with sparkly beads.  The world is changing.  We are sad.  Everyone is praying.  The sky is all kinds of blue.  I just learned how to put up a tipi.  I like the flowers that are a little purple."  By Jessica "I see a buffalo skin that is brown and I see a tail on the back of the buffalo skin.  The wood is to hold the tipi up and I hear voices and birds.  Also I see photographs of people.  I see people dancing and doing the Sun Dance.  A woman is putting a meat of some sort up on a line for food.  The tipis are around the women."  By Abbey
"I see white.  I see grey.  I see red.  It is made out of hide.  It is about war.  There is a hole in the bottom.  I see guns and tipis.  I see horses..  I see little lines.  It is in a big area.  I see a dog with whites pots.  I see a lot of people.  I see little plastic things holding it in place in the big blue area.  It is called a story robe.  I see a square thing.  I see a circle.  All of the edges are scrunched up.  A lot of the people are holding guns.  There are a lot of people.  The skin doesn't have any fur on it."  By Christian "A tipi is for the First nation people's shelter.  I hear the wind blowing on me.  I smell the smoke coming out of the tipi.  I see people cleaning their tipis.  I see families.  I feel the rain.  It is hard.... I can hear the kids playing.  I feel sacred.  My name is Jeremy...I hear kids saying Blackfoot.  I am ten.  I got taken by the government."  By Greg

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