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Our Day

 It was another great day at Museum School.  We went to the Blackfoot exhibit and made miniature tipis.  After checking out the models displayed there.  We worked with an author, Roberta Reese, who shared a character and story with us.  She helped us to think of ways (using our senses) to make sure our stories were more vivid and interesting.  We created a character and wrote a scene.  Tomorrow we will have some time to finish our stories and share them. 

We visited the Blackfoot area again in the afternoon to find some answers to specific questions which made us examine how the traditions of the Blackfoot have changed.



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Our Sketches...


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Some of our Incredible Writing...

Take a look at some of the amazing writing from Day three.

"The bladder was turned into bladder bags.  The tongue was used for combs when dried.  The horns were turned into spoons and powder horns.  The skin was made into tipis.  The tail was made into....The meat was used for food.  The bones were used for tools."  By Chris "One day Jim's tuxedo was in the wash and he had to go to a dance.  He was in his PJs waiting for his tuxedo to be all clean.  He was an hour late for the dance.  His girlfriend was gone by the time Jim got to the dance.  He was made at the washing machine because it took an hour to clean his tuxedo.  He went home and went to bed.  The next morning he had waffles."  By Adam
"Once upon a time there was a girl named Jaimie.  She had two friends their names are Jimmy and Kim.  They meet each other at an ice-cream shop and then they went skiing.  But Kim got lost.  Jimmy looked everywhere. ...Jimmy said what if she got kidnapped by aliens?  Then Jimmy said you are a moron.  and Jimmy said Thank you.  Jimmy said she is probably a spy and a magician.  Well it could be true.  Ya.  And I'm the king of England, Jimmy said..." By Tyler "Justin, 13, strong, tall, brown hair, sage eyes.  He's the boy, youngest in the family.  He's a hunter with the knife....His knife was too dull to hunt with.  So he went to the Blacksmith to get it sharpened.  You really need a good sharpening.  Justin walked back home..."  By Riley
"My character is named Nicole.  She is ten years old.  She has blond hair.  Her eyes are blue.  She doesn't like wearing dresses.  She loves wearing jeans and long sleeves.  She is medium built.  She likes wearing bows in her hair.  She has a mom, a dad, two brothers, an a baby sister.  She likes to swim and dance.  She wants to be a good dancer and a swimmer in the future.  Her favourite colour is blue because it is the colour of her mom's eyes.  Her favourite food is French toast because it is sweet."  By Stephanie "A story robe is a piece of skin with pictures on it that represent a story.  The buffalo were very helpful to the Blackfoot.  They provided lots of food for the Blackfoot.  Their hides were used to build tipis.  In the past, the Blackfoot people ate buffalo.  Now they eat food like us.  They used to live in tipis, now they live in cabins."  By Connor

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