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Our Day

Today was another amazing day!  Today we had the opportunity to work with Author Roberta Reese.  Together with Roberta, we explored the creation of a meaningful character.  We asked ourselves these 10 questions about our character...

  1. Name your character

  2. How old are they?

  3. Describe what they look like.

  4. Does this person have a family?  Describe them.

  5. What does this person like to do best?  Why?

  6. What is their favourite colour?  Why?

  7. What is their favourite food?  Why?

  8. Who or what do they love the most?  Why?

  9. What are they afraid of the most?  Why?

  10. Who is their best friend?  Why?

Together with Roberta, we created the character, Alicia.  Once we created Alicia we began to write about her.  Our stories were just amazing!  The only problem was not having enough time!

 Today we also enjoyed sketching artifacts.   We each chose artifacts that interested us.   Later in the afternoon we used modeling clay to create our own works of art.  We thought about the artifact and where it would be found if it were not in a museum.  We created a setting for this artifact.  Some of us also  shared the incredible stories that these artifacts told us today!  We hope to write these stories tomorrow!

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Our Sketches...

These are some of the amazing sketches from today!  Have you noticed how we are beginning to look more "deeply" at our artifacts?

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Some of our Incredible Writing...

Take a look at some of the amazing writing from Day three.

"Alicia was alone in the forest.  She smelled the fresh air and thought a stranger would take her flute.  She took the foot out of her backpack and played a happy song.  She saw an owl in the tree.  The owl is coming.  He scared her.  The owl is telling her to keep away."  By Greg Images for Eternity.  The West Mexican Tomb Figures.  " It is a jug.  It feels good because I am the first one to find something like this and it makes me feel special.  Mariah found it and she is 15 years old.  Anec taught her how to find statues.  Anec is 20 years old.  Anec told Mariah a story while they made stuff out of clay.  I enjoy finding things.  It took me 12 hours to dig up the jug.  It took me 10 days to find it.  My favourite colour is blue.  Anec's favourite colour is magenta.  Our favourite place is Florida.  Our favourite food is Pizza.  I am afraid of spiders, guns,  and the dark."  By Valerie


"Alicia was alone in the forest.  She smelled the fresh air and thought she saw a man.  She fell in love with the man.  The man was not in love with her.  The man's horse smelled.  It had a sweaty barnyard smell.  The man smelled like an outhouse that had not been cleaned for a very long time."  By Zoe "This buffalo looks very wise.  He is standing on a cliff.  He is big and looks very powerful.  I see natives all around him.  They are trying to shoot him with a bow and arrow but he is too fast.  He gets away.  I follow him.  Some pioneers come along.  They shot him but somehow he reflected them and ran away.  That night I had a dream about him..." By Lucas


"Alicia was alone in the forest.  She smelled the fresh air and thought, "I'm feeling great today."  Then a stranger came.  It was a teenager.  Alicia felt scared.  The teenager had a cowboy hat on and he had a horse.  The horse had a string attached to it.   The teenager said, "I'm going to put you in jail.":  Alicia said, "I'm going to get out of here!"  She goed through the fields and passed the bard and shed and then she was home.  And through the distance she could see home.  She could see her mom and dad and baby sister and baby brother waiting for her.   Mom and Dad said, "You're a naughty girl Alicia for going away alone!."  By Isaac "Images for Eternity, West Mexican Tomb Figures... it was a warm day.  I was alone until I found the seated doe.  I was warm.  I was happy.  It was my first find."  By Nick

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