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Our first day was amazing!  Today we had the opportunity to learn more about the cultures of the Inuit and the West African people with Franklin, from the Glenbow Museum.  The children really enjoyed comparing the two cultures.  The children looked carefully at how each culture met their basic needs; food, clothing, and shelter. 

Franklin is showing us the incredible artifacts of the West Africa exhibit.

This is the fabric that West African's use to make their clothing. It is made out of cotton and is very colourful.

In these pictures, Franklin is showing us what a West African village looks like.

There are some incredible artifacts in the West African exhibit. Many are made out of wood since there are a lot of trees in West Africa.

This is an Inuit Kayak. It is made out of animal hides. There are few trees in the Arctic, so the Inuit used other things to meet their basic needs.

This is a picture of the shelter that the Inuit used in the summer it is called a "Tupuk." It is just like a tipi.

The Inuit would also make homes out of stones.

This is a picture of the Inuit women. Their babies would be carried in their hoods until they are a year and a half.

This is some seal skin that we had the chance to feel!

Most of the Inuit artifacts are very small. There are lots of interesting tools and toys made out of bones, antlers, and animal hide.

This is a large Inuit drum used in celebrations. It is made out of animal hide.

These are some models of Kyaks made by Inuit people.


We all became incredible experts at identifying the creators of artifacts based on what the artifact was made of, its use, and its design.  We found out that where a person lives really impacts how people live.  Take a look at these photos of the artifacts that we examined.  Can you tell if they are from Africa or the Arctic?  Our Parkdale museum experts sure can!

We also had a wonderful time learning about the Blackfoot people and the Asian culture using artifacts at the Glenbow Museum.  We can hardly wait to revisit the Blackfoot exhibit!

We also really enjoyed hearing a wonderful story about who Buddha was.  Some the artifacts in the Asian exhibit are over one thousand years old!  Make sure you ask someone from our class about the story of Buddha!  You may be surprised!

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Our Sketches

These are some of the incredible sketches captured by our inspired students today!   We can't to draw more!  Click any thumbnail to see an enlarged version!  Use  your browser's back button to return.


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Our Incredible Writing!

Today we had a few chance to start writing about the artifacts that we were looking "deeply" at.    Today we only had two opportunities of fifteen minutes to write.  Tomorrow we will have a greater focus on writing.  Take an opportunity to explore some of our writing from today.

Palden Lhama is really tough.  She wears .... around her shoulders.  She is sitting on a donkey.  She has a fire stick instead of her head.  She is fierce.  She has long ears.  By Bryce


Nitsitapiisini... our way of life.  Once upon a time there was five Blackfoot people and one of their masks was a blue and white kiddy mask.  Another one was a black and yellow fox mask.  Another one was an orange and green eagle mask.   The last one was a red and grey turtle.... to be continued!  By Jaxen



The Sun God Surya.  This is one thousand years old.  The Sun God Surya holds the two lotus blossoms which are his symbols.   By Kayla



One day there were five people that lived in a tipi.  One day they got out of the tipi to get food.  One of them got bitten by a fox and the other two had to carry him back to the tipi.  But it took a whole 200 000 years!  By Caelan




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