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Our Outstanding Day!


The highlight of our day was going behind the scenes, a rare privilege.  We broke into three small groups and saw three special collections inthe storage area; Circumpoloar items, Ocean, and African.  The dolls from the North were very interesting, as were the powerful masks from Java and Africa.  We rode down in a huge frieght elevator which was lots of fun!

Our afternoon activity was based on Blackfoot beadwork.  We created our own square "bead" patterns.  The museum was a very busy site today-school groups were all around us!


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Our Incredible Sketches


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Our Superb Writing!

"Just when Shannon was getting into bed, the phone rang.  It was the doctor from the hospital.  He said that her mother was coming home tomorrow.  Shannon raced down the stairs and told her family that they were so excited that she was coming home.  So the next morning she rand downstairs and she saw everybody else, but their mom wasn't there.  So she asked her dad where mom was.  He said, "she's coming at lunchtime now."  Shannon was still excited but not that much than yesterday.  So she got into a very special suit with pants, a shirt with a matching coat that her mom gave her.  Soon they were all dressed-up and ready for their mom and wife.  There was a knock on the door.  Dad went to open the door.  It was mom.  We all reaced to her.  She was so glad to see her.  That night when we had diner, mom put on her special red and gold dress on and I still had my suit."  By Brooke "I woke up suddenly.  The cabin was cold and empty.  My dad was not making breakfast as usual.  I lit a candle by the dim light.  I could not see my dad.  I remembered that he said something about going out hunting... "By Sam
"The Best Horses in the world... Once upon a time there was a girl named Kaity.  She lived in a ranch with her mom and dad and her two brothers and sisters.  The brothers names are James, Kevin  and Jaramia.  Kaitlyn wanted to be a rancher when she got older.  That night a wolf got in the barn and ate one of the horses.  The next morning her father went to feed the horses "AAAA!" said her father.  "Get away!"  He got his gun and shot a bean bag at the wolf.  Then the wolf ran out of the barn.  The father thought to himself, " I have to tell this to Kaitlyn..."  By Katie "One dat a thirteen year old girl named Pam was putting her horse in her father's stable.  When her older sister came in and said," You have to sell Chestnut."  "Why?" said Pam.  "Because we are moving."  said Pam's bit sister.  So Pam finished getting her horse into the stable and went up to her room.  She felt sick and sad.  Soon her mom called her to talk.  Her mom said they were going to move farther down the river and they weren't allowed to have any horses.  So she made a phone call and the man said I would love to have a horse.  So Pam hugged her horse and it smelled like hay.  Pam rubbed Chestnuts' flanks and hay dust rose and Chestnut coughed.  Then Pam went to tell her mom that Chestnut coughed..."By Mikala

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