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Our Outstanding Day!


We had a wonderful day today.  This morning we worked on creating some stories to describe our modeling clay masterpieces.  Michele Gallant took us up the seventh floor to look at an area that most people can only imagine!  The Glenbow Museum has over 1.6 million artifacts!  The general public only sees a small fraction of them!  We were so lucky!  We had the opportunity to learn from three museum historians and even got to handle some of the artifacts!


This afternoon we really enjoyed looking for patterns in Blackfoot artifacts.  We looked carefully at beadwork in clothing, tipi designs and other artifacts.  We used graph paper to try and reproduce these patterns.  We discovered that the Blackfoot designs were very colourful and often very difficult to copy!


Today we also revisited our knowledge of mineralogy as we went on a mineral hunt!  Everyone looked carefully at three minerals and sketched and described them in our journals.  Then we went to the mineralogy exhibit at the Glenbow Museum.  Then the hunt began!  Everyone had a big challenge trying to find their mineral so that they could identify them!

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Our Incredible Sketches

Check out some of these beautiful sketches!


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Our Superb Writing!

'My mineral is bumpy and rough.  Its middle is flat and pointy.  It is sparkly and it looks like a crystal b ut I'm not sure.  It sparkles when I put it in the light."  By Valerie "My mineral is shiny.  My colours are black.  This one is limestone and the other one is black.  The shiny one has skinny black in it.  The other one has white stuff on it.  The other is blue and black.  One is flat."  By Kurt
"My mineral is see-through.  It has a point on the top of it and it looks like it has been broken in half and when I move it, it shines in the light.  It looks like a crystal on one side.  It looks like the top of the mountain that is see-through and it also looks like a pyramid or a tipi."  By Heather "I hear the wind.  i see the blue sky.  I feel the grass rubbing against my feet.  I smell the sweet flowers.  I like it here.  I see a figure walking on a pathway.  He is an old, old man.  He is very wise too.  He has a long beard."  By Jessica

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