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Our Last Day...

It's hard to believe that our week has come to an end!  Everyone has had such an amazing time exploring and discovering the stories behind the Glenbow Museum artifacts!  This morning we had the opportunity to work with Elizabeth as we looked carefully into the past of Calgary.  We used photographs and artifacts to look at how technology, shelter, and communication has changed over the last one hundred years or so.  Here are some of the great artifacts and photos that we had a chance to learn from.


This afternoon we had one last chance to look deeply at the artifacts around the museum.  We each chose our own "special" area.  Some of us went to the Art Gallery, others went back to the Blackfoot, and others went back to see West Africa.  We realized quickly how much there is to see and how little time there truly is.


It is hard to believe it's over!  I am sure that many of us can hardly wait to go back to the museum.  There is one thing for certain, we will never look at the museum the same way again!


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Our Sketches

Our sketching was incredible today!  Check out some of the outstanding sketches from our students, parents, and even Miss Speight!

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Our Writing

"I am on the desert.  I am walking on the desert and I see a dying peasant.  I go and talk to the peasant.  I gave him a drink of water.  I said are you alright?  The peasant said name is lalbidn.  And he went off and he saw another peasant.  He went to go and give the peasant a jug of water but the water was gone."  By Yannicia "Me and my Horse... One beautiful day me and my horse were riding to the lake.  Suddenly it started to rain.  My horse and I turned back and went home before we got home a monster jumped up at us!  Then my horse said Nay!   It turned back and ran.  An hour later, the rain stopped and we smelled the fresh air and we saw butterflies.  We heard birds chirping.  Then we laid down and looked at the clouds.  I saw a shape of my horse.  My horse saw a cloud that looked like me!  After we looked at the clouds we at lunch.  I had a sandwich.  My horse ate horse food like hay.  After lunch we did some work.  Then we went outside and we heard the ice cream care and we bought some ice cream.  One cone for fifty cents said the man.  So I bought two cones for one dollar.  Then it started to get cold so we went inside and played a game called Guess What's in my hand."  By Valerie
"I see a horse.  It is beautiful.  She has pink and blue hair.  She lets me ride her.  I really like that.  I take here away.  Now she is free.  I'm happy and she was happy."  By Zoe "This is an Inuit sled.  It is parked in the snow and the sun is coming out.  Also I feel the cold air rushing against my face.  I hear someone walking in the snow.  The snow is crumbling up.  I see that there are clouds in the gray gray sky and also I see wood on the Inuit sled.  Someone is going to walk to the Inuit sled."  By Abbey
"I see snakes for the waves.  I see a dead fish on the ground.  I feel the morning breeze swishing across my face.  I see the clouds making shapes.  I feel the warm sand on my feet.  The beach looks like ice.  I see a big hill with three fish laying on it.  One is by the hill of snakes.  On the top of the hill it is white.  The tree is glowing all over."  By Bryce. "I see some red on the fish.  I see blue with white waves.  There is some yellow on the grass like the sun shining down on the grass.  There is brown for the sand by the beach.  I see white puffy things in the sky for clouds.  There is a curvy line for the tree trunk.  I see puffy green on the tree for leaves.  I see the shadow of the fence and the tree and the fish.  I see some yellow on the fence."  By Kayla
"Once upon a time the buffalo found a friend.  "I am Sinni and what is your name?"  I said,  "my name is Nitsi and you can come to my herd if you want to,"  he said to me.  "I want to come to your herd but you and your herd can come to my herd,"  I said.  "But when I bring my herd to your herd I will bring trouble," he said to me."  By Ciara "The Beautiful Wolf...I see a lot of clouds.  I see a dark blue sky.  I see a bright moon.  I feel a small wind on my face.  I feel his tail on my leg.  It is soft.  I feel some rain on my head.  My head is soaking.  My hand is cold.  It has black and brown on his body.  It is so beautiful.  I wish I could take it home.  It starts to attack me.  I get very hurt.  He goes to his cave to his family.  I go home to my family in my home."  By Sam
"This wolf howls.  Loud!  His head looks up at the moon.  He is trying to find food."  By Stephen "I see water splashing on me..  I feel like snakes are crawling around me.  I see the water splashing at the tree.  I hear the strong wind blowing at me.  I feel the snakes in the water.  I feel like I am sleeping in a cloud.  I hear eagles flying in the sky."  By Greg





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