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If you are using a computer with Windows, using Net Meeting will be the easiest and most logical program.  Not only is it free, it is available on both Windows XP, and 2000 already and can be downloaded for free for Windows 98 and up.

Follow these easy steps to get yourself started.

  1. Sign up for a free hotmail account.  The account is free and necessary.  Go to www.hotmail.com to set up your free account.

  2. On the computer that you will be using for video conferencing, set the computer up for MSN messenger.  Windows XP comes with the program automatically installed.  If you do not have it, click here to sign yourself up at http://messenger.msn.ca   Use your new hotmail account email address when prompted.

  3. On the computer that you will be using for video conferencing, set up your computer for Net Meeting.  Windows XP and Windows 2000 both have Net Meeting installed on them.  You can download Net Meeting at http://www.microsoft.com/windows/netmeeting/ 

  4. Once it is downloaded, click on the icon to install the files on your computer.  When asked if you would like a shortcut on your desktop, click ok.

  5. Now all you have to do is ensure that your partnered classroom is also set up and that you have their "hotmail" address.

  6. Set up your computer so that your camera is connected to it by either parallel, serial, or USB port.

  7. Make sure that your microphone is connected, and turn on your camera and position it the way that you like.  You may need to restart your computer with your camera connected.

  8. Log on to MSN messenger by opening up MSN and then logging on with your address and password.   Open up MSN and click "Add a contact."

  9. Add the address of your partnered classroom into the box, then click next.  Your partner is now added to your "contact list."  Your partner teacher will need to do the same.  Once you have both added one another to your "contact list."  Then you can "chat" with each other.

  10. You can open up Net Meeting through MSN or on its own.   Make sure that you have arranged your partnered classroom to log on to MSN at the same time. 

  11. Click on "Start Net Meeting." 

  12. And away you go!

If you are having any problems just let me know and I will do the best that I can to help you!


If you are looking for help with Macintosh video conferencing, click here.


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