Evaluating your Website


Names of group members ____________________________________


When you are finished your website, take a moment to decide how you have done on your project.  Together as a group, fill out the table below.  Write one sentence about how you did for each question.  When you are done, ask another group to do an evaluation of your web page.  You can make any changes that you want at this time.  Then ask your teacher to check your work.



Self evaluation





  • Clear Title





  • Group member names





  • Great graphics. (Must include some student-made graphics)












  • Clear Titles with bold headings




  • Use of paragraphs




  • Graphics are about the text




  • Use of digital photographs




  • Information that shows that you have researched your topic




  • A resources and credits page has been included












  • Spelling




  • Grammar




  • Presentation is visually attractive








Teacher comments: