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A virtual museum takes students and teachers on a "virtual tour" in their learning.  In some examples, virtual museums can use Virtual Reality Software to create 360 degree panoramic views to take students through a virtual tour of a student-generated museum.  Software such as VR Worx, and Quicktime VR are both excellent programs used to create such a project.  To see an example of a museum created by grades two and three students, visit Parkdale Elementary's Virtual Pioneer Museum website from 2001-2002.  The programs are both easy to use.  In this example, grade two and three students took all of the photos and even generated the object movies.  

Find out how to make a virtual museum with easy to follow step by step instructions  at: http://projects.cbe.ab.ca/ict/2learn/mmspeight/convention/index.htm

If you would like more information about purchasing or using the software in one of your projects, please contact Michelle Speight at mmspeight@cbe.ab.ca  and I will be happy to lend a hand!






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