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Anglo-American School

 of Sofia, Bulgaria


The Anglo-American School of Sofia serves the international community in Bulgaria's capital city, Sofia. We now have 162 children aged 3 to 14 from 32 countries. We offer a curriculum that combines both US and UK good practice.

We are a small, happy and hardworking International school. We engage in a range of co-curricular activities. We hope that this website will give some insight into the range of activities here at AAS.

For our project we will be sharing our trip to a Bulgarian village (which is the birth place of a significant Bulgarian author - Elin Pelin) and a Baba as the "curator" of the museum. We will prepare the kids to look at traditional Bulgarian village life  - artifacts, organization, customs, routines, etc. and interview Baba Maria.  Her house itself is like a museum - not too much has changed in Bulgarian villages in the past 50 years.  Farmers still plow the fields with a horse and wooden plow. Scythes are used to cut back grass and the rest of planting etc is done by hand.  You truly step back in time when you enter a Bulgarian village. It truly is living history. In math the kids will create a model of a Bulgarian village and we'll tie perimeter and area, percent land use, fractions and 3D Shapes (surface area) to the village. Language we'll look at developing interview questions,  journaling and creative writing. French and Art will also be integrated. 

The American College Campus
Mladost 4


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