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Read what students in the project have to say about telecollaborative learning!

I liked putting the dinosaur dig on our site because it was fun doing it because you got to dig up the bones and brush the dust the off.  I liked putting it on the website so that other people could see it.  I also liked making the volcano because we could use paper mache it and I like sitting in it and reading in it. 

By Murray, grade two


I liked making the volcano.  I liked making it because its fun painting.  I liked putting on the website because then other people can see it.  I made  a volcano power point.  I went onto start then I went onto programs and then I went onto Power Point.  Then I went onto the Internet and got pictures of volcanoes.  I got my information from my volcano book that I have.  I typed up the information on the PowerPoint.  I even sent it to Miss Speight on email.  Miss Speight put it on the website and all the people can see it.  It makes me feel good because I can share it with people. 

By Heather, grade two


I liked doing my Power Point.  It was fun.  I found pictures and I copied them and then pasted them onto my PowerPoint  It is on the computers and you can do fun things with kidpics too.  I can show people from all over the world my PowerPoint.  They can learn more about what were studying.  I want to share it with  my family. 

By Kurt, grade two


I liked learning about dinosaurs because I found really cool dinosaurs on the Internet.  Like one with teeth coming out of its tongue.    On the internet I learned how to get onto things like the internet and find pictures of dinosaurs and even math games.  We found information that we did our research with.  

 By Jaxen, grade two


I liked learning about volcanoes.  Because theyre cool.  We made a volcano.   You use chicken wire and put it into the shape of a volcano.  We used paper mache with newspaper to make the volcano and then we got to paint it.  Miss Speight had this smoke machine and she would press the button and smoke would come out of the top.  Thats what I liked about it.  We can share all of our learning with other people in the world.  We made bookmarks by putting pictures on the back and we got to colour them in and we gave them to Miss Speight.  Miss Speight got to give them to lots and lots of people.  Then we can share our stuff with other people because the web site addresses were written on them.  If I needed to use a computer to email my friend named Kenyatta in Chicago, I would write her a note using the keyboard.  I press send and then I go back to folders and see if it is not there and if it isn't,  it is sent!  I like having a pen pal because I like meeting people all around the world even place Ive never been. 

By Jessica, grade two

It was fun because you got to make the trifold and you got to glue stuff on the trifold.  You got to look at books, listened to head phones, and we looked at the computer for our research.  I like the website because all of the world  can see all of our stuff that we did and our hard work.  They get to learn how to do it to if they can.  It 's fun writing to our pen pals because we get to write to them and see pictures of them and we get to see if they have the same jobs us or ones we dont know about.  Some have only one mom and some have only one dad and some are divorced.  Its the same as some of us. Its fun writing to other people. I liked using the Paint program to make a dinosaur because you get to choose the colours and you can draw anything you want.  First you click start, then you click into programs and then you click into accessories, and then you go into paint. And then you are there.  Then you get to choose a paint brush or a bucket and then you get to choose any colour you want.  You can make ponds and stuff like that .  There are triangles, squares and all kinds of stuff.  You can make sky and grass.  The best thing about websites is making a website that you can go to and click on and it tells you information about it.  Thats what our does.  

By Madison, grade three






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