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Here are some great pictures of our recent trip to a Cutting and Polishing facility in the Northwest Territories.  Geologists believe that there are enough diamonds in this mine to last 25 years!

These are some of the pictures from our recent trip!



Click on any image to see an enlarged version!  Use your browser's back button to return




 These are pictures of Diamond Indicator Minerals

In this picture you can see the minerals up close.

Diamond Indicator Minerals are from deep inside of the Earth.  (About 200km)  When a geologist finds these minerals, they know that diamonds are often found nearby.  They have to look very hard for the diamonds once they have found the minerals.

The red minerals are Garnets

The bright green minerals are Chromic Dipsides

The olive green minerals are Olivine

The black minerals are Ilmenite and Magnetite


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