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In Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


I Have A Dream...


Read some of Dr. Martin Luther King's amazing speeches at



Ms. Wright
My dream is that all dreams and aspirations of my students come to pass

Byron H.
My dream is to become a famous football player and the reason I want to be a famous football
player is so I can make millions of dollars. So I can help my family. My mother, father, and little brother. My favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys.

Darren M.
When I grow up I want to be a Barber so I can cut hair. I want to be a barber because it is a good job. And I can make lots of money doing it. My dad owns a barber shop. And I want to cut hair just  like him.

Elvin L.
I have a dream to be a chef because my mom is a chef. I like it because I like to see people eating happily. One day I hope to open my own restaurant.

Kristin L.
When I grow up I want to be a teacher because being a teacher I get to watch kids grow and learn different subjects in school. The things teachers do are teach, English, reading, spelling, and vocabulary. I think I would like being a teacher.

Gary C.
I would like to be a news reporter because I think it is exciting to report breaking news. Iwould like to cover stories helping the poor, sick, and the homeless. My favorite news station
is Fox5.

Helen F.
Yo cuando sea grande quiero ser profesora y ese pensamiento lo tengo desde cuantro anos y no lo pienso olvidar.

Henry G.
Yo cuando sea grande quiero ser doctor y ese pensamiento lo tengo desde que tenia tre anos t no lo pienso olvidar.







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