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Bruce-Monroe School

Once upon a time...

...there were originally two schools.  One was named Bruce School after Blanche K. (Kelso) Bruce (1841 -1898), born into slavery near Farmville, Prince Edward County, Va.  He was the first black senator and to serve a full six year term in the United States Senate as the Senator of the state of Mississippi (1875-1881).1 The school still stands in its original location on Kenyon Street and Sherman Avenue.  Today the area is considered to be the northwest section of Washington, D. C.  It lies only blocks away from our very own, new Bruce-Monroe Elementary School.

Blanche Kelso Bruce (1841-1898)

Photo: Library of Congress (Courtesy of American Heritage Magazine)


Visit this great site to learn more about Blanche Bruce


Next there was the Monroe School named after our fourth President of the United States, James Monroe who served two terms.

Finally, the two schools merged together as one in 1973 and assumed the exact soil that Monroe School was built on, the one and only Bruce-Monroe Elementary School. Bruce-Monroe Elementary School is the place where we all share who we are. 

James Monroe (1758-1831)

(photo courtesy: The White House Historical Association)


Visit this great site to learn more about James Monroe






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