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The students and staff at Denali Elementary School  in Fairbanks, Alaska, U.S.A. have built a 5 year partnership with the University of
Alaska Museum
, which is located in the town of Fairbanks,
Alaska. We have been developing computer programs that
teach elementary students across the curriculum (lang.
arts, science, math, etc.) as we explore art and artifacts
from the museum. 

Click here to learn how to use this site. 


The Northern Journeys website came out of a partnership
between the University of Alaska Museum  and Denali School
in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Northern Journeys is the
overall name of our project.   Each completed computer
program will have its own name under the Northern Journeys
Project.  The Dogs in Alaska is our first finished product
that tries to integrate some of the art and artifacts from
the Museum collection to Alaska Standards for Language,
Math, Science and Humanities at the Elementary School level.
The site was designed to be used as a pre-visit activities
before a visit to the Museum or by out of town classrooms
as an outreach Museum experience. Enjoy!!


In our project we will be corresponding with students from Mrs. Paul's class at Parkdale Elementary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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