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Miss Speight and her grades two and three students from Parkdale Elementary School in Calgary, Alberta, Canada will be immersed in the Glenbow Museum School project this December 2002.  Students in room three will learn about our community in the past, present, and future.  Beginning with the world of dinosaurs and paleontology, students will discover how we study, preserve and learn from the past.   This study will include a trip to the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta.   Students will also "travel" through the past as we  uncover the artifacts of the First Nations People and eventually look carefully at the 1950s era as we celebrate our school's 50th birthday.

The students will share our community's history through interviews, research, photos, a week-long learning journey at the Glenbow museum, and finally, the creation of a virtual museum.  Correspondence with Lavizzo School in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.  will also be a major focus in the project.

Join us in this learning adventure!  Jump aboard!




 Check out some of the amazing dinosaur  museum learning journeys we have been on at our Dino Mania website.




  Join us in learning about our First Nations people as we take a close look at the Blackfoot or Siksika people of the plains!  Download our Power Point template and take this fun web quest to learn more about the Blackfoot people.  If you send us your Power Point, we'll post it on our Blackfoot site!



From December 2-6, the students from our classroom will be attending the Chevron/Texaco sponsored Museum School at the Glenbow Museum.  Mrs. Paul's grades three and four students will be attending a similar program the following week.  Join us here each week day during our trip to follow us in our learning journey.  Look at pictures from the museum,  student artwork and writing, and join us in our excitement!  We can hardly wait! 


Don't forget to check out our Monster Pals site as well!  It is a great way to develop descriptive language!



Join us in our virtual tour of our 1950's classroom museum!


Check out our Virtual Pioneer Museum project as well!


If you have any questions about this project or Parkdale Elementary school, please feel free to contact Michelle Speight at mmspeight@cbe.ab.ca  or

Parkdale Elementary

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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