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In our grade three and four class, we are busy learning about the past.  We started by looking at our own past and creating a personal timeline of significant events.  We also made (with parent help) a family tree.  

Our school is going to be fifty years old this year.  So we are learning about the 1950s and 1060s to find out how things were back then.  We plan to interview community members who remember when Parkdale was built, and what the times were like.  We will be video taping these interviews and exchanging videos with Lavizzo Elementary School in Chicago, Illinois.

We have also been having fun looking at the Earth's history from dinosaurs, (prehistoric) rocks, volcanoes, oil, gas, and coal formation up  to today.

We will be studying old photos to see how our city of Calgary used to be.  We also take a look at how our province of Alberta has grown and changed.

We're very excited about our chance to attend the Glenbow Museum School where we will have a chance to observe (and handle in some cases) real artifacts from the past.  For a whole week we will be immersed in history.  We're excited about learning how artifacts are gathered and preserved.  What a great opportunity to learn in a unique way!  We are going to have lots of memories to share.


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For our project, we will be collaborating with the grade three students from Denali elementary in Fairbanks, Alaska.



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