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All of the students in room one at Parkdale Elementary School in Calgary, Alberta, Canada,  will receive instruction and have opportunities to work with our Smart Board during the course of the year.  Parkdale School is entering its second year of a two year partnership with Smart Technologies.  I spent a week this summer working with other teachers from Canada and the United States gaining more expertise with the board and getting familiar with software programs.  Our students will be involved with two projects through the course of the year as a result of this partnership.  One involved connecting with pens pals electronically to three other communities across Canada and the United States.  Students will be responsible for emailing their pen pals on a regular basis and exchanging information about themselves and their communities.  The other project, which will be the focus of our research/inquiry based project ties in nicely with our Social Studies focus.  It is to create a class Power Point related to our province and community, which will be posted both on Smart Technology's Website and this project website.  This site will be visited and discussed by the nine participating school communities during the school year.  It will serve as a major teaching tool in terms of learning about our Smart Connections partner schools and their communities.  Check here often for updates!

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