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The U.S. Coast Guard is one of the incredible "living museums" in Cape May, NJ.  Cape May City is the only training base in the United States for the US Coast Guard.  Many of the children in our school have parents in the U.S. Coast Guard.  On October 22, 2002 we were fortunate to have a tour of the Search and Rescue Station at the base given by LT Michael DaPonte.  LT DaPonte is the father of one of our students. We all thank the U.S. Coast Guard who protect our shores all over the world.  Our students will tell you about each picture.  Click on any picture to see an enlarged version.  Use your browser's back button to return to this page.



wpe6.jpg (76888 bytes) This is a US Coast Guard Rescue Truck.

By Brandon

wpe19.jpg (88863 bytes) This is a life ring, life jacket, and heaving line.  They are all used to save people in the water. 

By Kassidy


wpeB.jpg (66842 bytes) This is LT Michael DaPonte. He is in charge of the Search and Rescue Station . He is my dad.  

By Emily


wpe1B.jpg (115595 bytes) This is a rescue suit made with rubber inside and it floats in the water.  

By Anthony

wpeD.jpg (57593 bytes) The helicopter is putting a rescue worker on the ground. 

By Ajee


wpe1D.jpg (91040 bytes) Here we are checking out the rescue helicopter. 

By Matthew

wpeF.jpg (98641 bytes) This is a Search and Rescue boat to be used in nice weather. 


wpe1F.jpg (92478 bytes) This is a Safety Boat and Speed Boat which help people in nice weather. 

By Matthew


wpe11.jpg (79576 bytes) This boat is used strictly in heavy weather. The engine is under the deck. It also has a bathroom and bed. 

By Austen


wpe21.jpg (65694 bytes) This is a demonstration of a helicopter rescuing someone from a boat.   It is blowing the water making a rainbow. 

By Brian

wpe13.jpg (93547 bytes) This is a motor for a safety boat used in nice weather. 

By Emily


wpe23.jpg (54129 bytes) This is the helicopter putting a basket down in the boat to rescue people.  

By Carol

wpe15.jpg (94830 bytes)  These are the "Vigorous" and "Dependable" are US Coast Guard Boats.  My dad was on the "Vigorous".  

By Anthony


wpe25.jpg (36606 bytes) This is the helicopter leaving the rescue scene.  

By Shaquille

wpe17.jpg (80128 bytes) This is the "47". It goes out in very severe weather. It can turn completely over in the water and come back up. 

By Thomas

wpe27.jpg (54775 bytes) This is a final picture of the "Vigorous".  

By Anthony





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